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Is there safe sex?
And unlike STDs seen in the 1960s and 70s, a shot of penicillin isn’t the cure. And a condom doesn’t guarantee safe sex......
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Rick, It's None of Your Business!
Last time I looked, you're not allowed to fornicate in Utah (or in D.C., West Virginia, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Massachusetts, Minnesota, South Carolina or Virginia). For those not up on the latest regulatory climates by region, that means zero sex in those 10 locations unless you're married, even if it's completely consensual and heterosexual and nothing fancy.......
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Elderly couples still at it
The majority of men and women are staying sexually active through old age, says a new survey from four countries......
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Study Shows Exercise on Par with Viagra for Some
A two-year research program at the Cologne University Medical Center in Germany suggests that specially designed physical exercises can be as effective as Viagra (sildenafil) in dealing with some causes of erectile dysfunction......
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Privacy and morality: Who decides?
Who gets to decide moral questions when they intertwine with temporal law and based on what standard?....
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Good dancers make good lovers, says survey
Men who know how to move on the dance floor know all the right moves in the bedroom, according to a new report........
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Alabama Votes Against Legalizing Sex Toys
Sex toys are still against the law in Alabama, at least as far as the Alabama Legislature is concerned.......
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'Condom Grandma' Delivers Message
Great-Grandmother Uses Humor, Condoms To Make Her Point......
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Putting the Sexual Sizzle Back Into Your Marriage
With apologies to a certain athletic footwear company, Michele Weiner-Davis has three words of advice for married couples with an unsatisfying sex life: Just do it......
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Study Finds Viagra Works for Women
new study has found that the impotence drug Viagra could ramp up the sex lives of women who take it, just as it has done for men........
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Man sues police chief, claiming right to go nude in public
A Seattle man who "desires to go nude at the Fremont Solstice Parade without fear of unjust arrest".......
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Sex aid steals show at women's invention awards
A mother-of-three has stolen the show at the British Female Inventor of the Year Awards, with a gadget that provides satisfaction for women with sexual difficulties........
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Happily unmarried: should couples live together before tying the knot?
According to the US Census, less than 500,000 unmarried couples headed US households in 1960 -- doing so was illegal in many states at the time. 40 years later, in 2000, that statistic rose to the staggering number of 5.5 million couples.......
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Minister to Continue Same-Sex Weddings
A Presbyterian minister whose denomination convicted him of violating church law by marrying same-sex couples says he will continue performing the ceremonies.......
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Sex during troubled times
Sex can’t cure anthrax or SARS, but it can be an antidote to fear. During sex there is escape, comfort and acceptance......
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Porn and politics
It seems that Napolitano and the state Legislature have jumped on an opportunity to play the part of anti-pornography crusaders.......
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Women's wish-list
33 per cent of the 1000 women across Australia who responded to the survey, conducted by Goss Cosmetics exclusively for The Advertiser, said they were "not satisfied" with their sex life.......
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Sex and religion: good combo?
Sex has worked its way through almost every facet of our society. From the bathroom and the magazines people read to the boardroom where Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren give us the latest sexy threads, sex is a hot commodity.......
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Looking for love in public places
Furtively lurking around the stalls, urinals and sinks of some of the city's most respectable public restrooms are men cruising for anonymous gay sex........
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Sex Worth Dying for?
In the United States alone, an estimated 4,100 women die of cervical cancer each year. Was the birth control pill a factor in all of those cases?......
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Hustler must remove sign
They wouldn't be doing anything about this if it didn't have the Hustler name on it,'' Jimmy Flynt said Thursday. ``We're going to sue over it.....
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SEX lives in our cities have never been spicier, with thrill-seeking Britons trying everything from homemade porn to making love in public......
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Do Men Sleep Around More Than Women?
When asked how many partners they had slept with, men overestimated their sexual history. The reason for this exaggeration: men couldn’t remember and would instead roughly estimate their number of lovers......
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Gay Man Can Sue As Spouse of Deceased
The surviving gay spouse from a civil union can proceed with his wrongful death lawsuit against a hospital where his partner died a year ago, a judge has ruled.......
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First Sex for Most Lesbians Is With a Man
What makes a lesbian? Researchers still don't have an answer to that question, but a new study confirms the sex lives of most lesbians begin with the same thing: a man......
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No pain, no gain has new meaning at NY exercise class
Students at ''Slavercise,'' a class in New York combining sadomasochism and exercise, get a physical workout by ''submitting'' to the orders and whims of a dominatrix named Mistress Victoria.......
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Debating porn
Public remains divided over morality, definition of porn.......
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California Town to Legalize Adultery
Adultery will soon be legal in this small community southwest of Los Angeles. .......
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Women need to consider the risks before moving in
"Women come in with the idea that cohabiting is a gateway to marriage, whereas men see it as a chance to improve their sex life and enjoy all the benefits of marriage without being married,".......
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Hold the Phone, It's a Sex Toy
"This girl in the pub grabbed my phone, put it down her front pocket and wouldn't give it back to me until the batteries had run down," Walsh said. "It's the only confirmed use I know of. She had a very pleasant time." .......
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One in three people under 24 have an STD
By the time they're 24, one in three sexually active people will have an STD. The highest rates of gonorrhea and chlamydia are in women ages 15 to 19. More than half of the new cases of HIV infections are in people younger than 25.......
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The sexless marriage
This from a woman who once showed up at his house with nothing on but a trench coat and black spiked heels, who took belly dancing lessons then arrived at his home in an "I Dream of Jeannie" costume to enact one of his sexual fantasies, and who regularly asks, "What can I do to turn you on?"......
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Government Shouldn't Police Morals -- or Sexual Practices
Should government be in the business of policing "morals"? It's an old question that covers the vast array of human affairs, everything from murder and rape to drug use and sodomy......
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Breasts, sex, and power
The confusion about my views on nudity can be traced back to the belief that being naked is inherently sexual. But it really isn't at all.....
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Get in shape for private workouts
A study at Bentley College in Massachusetts found that women in their 40s who exercised had sex more frequently and enjoyed it more than women who were sedentary.....
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Flirting Online: The Freedom of Anonymity
While there will always be those for whom "seeing is believing," many online flirts find that anonymity provides an escape from superficiality. Free from the social pressures dictated by looks and fashion, hordes of internet users are feeling braver these days....
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New survey shows Massachusetts residents approve of same-sex marriages
Massachusetts residents, by a slim majority, approve of gay marriages, according to a new survey, with young people and women more in favor of such same-sex unions than adult men....
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Exposed and stark naked -- on purpose
But not all nudists support 'guerrilla' plans for prominent public exposure ....
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Proposal to prevent gay couples from adopting
State Rep. Sid Miller, R-Stephenville, filed a bill that bans adoption of a child by more than one person of the same sex....
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Couple marry after living together for 77 years
An Oklahoma couple have finally got married after 77 years of living together...
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Sequel to 'Catfight' Spot Featured Two Men in Mud Pit....
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Want Better Sex? Just Ask
I've had a lot of great sex, and it hasn't been because I've gotten lucky and taken home the best lay at the party (ok, maybe once or twice) or dated a Casanova. It's because I've asked for what I want.
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Couples living together in ND breaking law!
The offense, which prohibits a man and woman living together "openly and notoriously," is considered a sex crime along with rape, sexual assault and incest. Violations carry a maximum penalty of 30 days in jail and a $1,000 fine.
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Appeals court upholds sex-club law
A city ordinance that bans live sex in swinger clubs was upheld this week by the Arizona Court of Appeals, as were the misdemeanor convictions of four club owners.
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Court's nude-beach ruling strips couple of $100,000
A couple who backed out of a deal to buy a lakefront property in Kelowna because nudists sometimes cavorted on a nearby beach have lost their $100,000 down payment,
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Grandmother gives sex advice on Oxygen
But when this gray-haired grandmother gives suggestions to a caller on how three willing partners might accomplish a sex act for which two are usually sufficient — well, at times like that, her plainspoken, often playful style can make your jaw drop.
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Government sued by transsexual worker
A transgender government employee is suing U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft and others for job discrimination.
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AIDS vaccine helps African-Americans, test shows
The latest results from the first large test of an AIDS vaccine showed more evidence that it may have reduced AIDS infection in African-Americans, while failing to protect the majority of those vaccinated.
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What's age got to do with it?
There are no good men left. Who hasn't heard that lament? But maybe instead of griping, women should increase their pool of prospects.
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'Dirty movie' vehicle bill hits constitutional bump
bill that would ban the showing of ''dirty movies'' in limousines, vans and other vehicles if they could be seen by people outside the vehicles appears doomed because of questions about its constitutionality.
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Painkillers may affect male hormones
As if living with chronic pain wasn't challenge enough, there's new evidence linking pain-control medication with low testosterone levels in men.
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JCourt Rules Lesbian Couple's Children 'Legitimate'
South Africa's Constitutional Court has ruled that twins born to a lesbian couple by means of artificial insemination are legitimate,
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Judge disallows gay couple's divorce
A Texas judge yesterday vacated his order granting a divorce to two men who had entered into a civil union in Vermont,
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Where is Mr / Mrs Right?!
What a myth! Society filters us with so much crap. Let’s be honest here. How often do we hear - “I ‘m still single because I haven’t met the right one yet” “I separated because I realized s\he wasn’t my right one.”
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Kansas university funds threatened over sex class
Upset by videos used during a sexuality class at the University of Kansas, the state Senate passed a bill that would withhold $3 million in funding to the school.
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The Sex Lives of Christian Teens
Not everyone is "doing it," but they're sure thinking about it. Here's what the kids are saying—and what the adults need to know.
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Three way on a Train in Long Island can get you 30 days.
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Advocates target Carolinas sex laws.
U.S. high court case may be key to changing statutes in 13 states.
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Homemade sex toy kills pensioner.
A German pensioner died in southern Spain after experiments with a home-made sex toy went badly wrong, media reports quoted Spanish police as saying yesterday.
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OU prof studies impact of pornography on American culture.
Old men in trenchcoats, watching stag films with newspapers in their laps? Teenaged Portnoys with stacks of Hustlers hidden in their underwear drawers?
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Let's Talk about Sex.
Condoms, condoms everywhere – the one thing you cannot forget to wear. There are some things you really should not share.
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High court hears Texas sodomy case.
After 5 long years the Supreme Court
finally hears case of two men arrested in their own bedroom!
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RECREATIONAL SEX: Pursuit of Pleasure
Red Rooster swingers club gains national reputation
for giving people a good time.
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Pretty and Profitable
Couple tries to bring beautiful people together for `Plush Party'
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Erogenous Zones
Swing Politics: Deena Luce, owner of the Forum, says she's been targeted "like a witch hunt" by city officials in Gilroy for operating her weekend sex club for consenting adults, a quiet and private affair which she says generated no complaints for nine years.
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