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LifeStyles News Updates

Oregon Court Tosses Gay Marriage Licenses

The Oregon Supreme Court on Thursday nullified nearly 3,000 marriage licenses issued to same-sex couples by Multnomah County a year ago, saying a single county couldn't take such action on its own...
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Have Great Sex In 15 Minutes

Well, today's tip will have you kissing, licking, sucking, and freaking (you know what word I really mean) all in about 15 minutes. Yes, you can have it all and give her all simultaneously. So if you're ready for your close-up, let's get into your upcoming 15 minutes of fame...
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California court upholds domestic partner law

A California law granting domestic partners nearly identical legal rights as married couples does not conflict with a voter-approved ban on gay marriage, a state appeals court ruled...
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Oral Sex Safe and Not Really Sex, Say U.S. Teens

One in five U.S. teenagers say they have engaged in oral sex, an activity that some adolescents view as not sex at all and certainly less risky than intercourse....
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Sex, not money, buys happiness, study says

If you're spending long days at the office in hopes of a raise, you may want to consider going home early and jumping into the sack.
Increasing sex frequency from once a month to at least once a week provides as much happiness as a $50,000-a-year raise, according to a paper titled "Money, Sex and Happiness: An Empirical Study," submitted to the National Bureau of Economic Research, one of the leading organizations in its field.....
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Cruiseline: Ship Of Gay, Nude Passengers Barred From St. Kitts

"Local authorities told cruise ship employees that they had concerns about letting the ship in because it was a gay and nudist cruise,".....
Full Story Here

How To Fulfill Your Kinky Desires

Also remember that, as with so many things in this world, kinkiness is relative. One man's kinky is another woman's fun. Kinky simply means unusual. Once you're used to something -- be it using chocolate sauce or whips and chains -- it's no longer kinky, just part of your repertoire.....
Full Story Here

Porn and Prejudice

Pornography is bigger than ever. So is the debate among feminists about whether women are hurt or helped by its presence.....
Full Story Here

Judge Says Calif. Can't Ban Gay Marriage

A judge ruled Monday that California's ban on gay marriage is unconstitutional, saying the state could no longer justify limiting marriage to a man and a woman.....
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5 Positions Women Love

When it comes to sex, positioning is key. And of course, the more positions you have in your arsenal, the better.
Of course, your sexual positions have to ensure that your girl enjoys herself as well. And comfort is key -- who wants to get a cramp or feel like their kneecap's breaking all in the name of an orgasm?......
Full Story Here

Lawmakers should pull out of sex lives

Many of us want something other than four awkward minutes in the missionary position under someone of the opposite sex. In arguing to overturn an Alabama law banning sex toys, plaintiff's argued (uncontested) that 20 percent of women own some type of dildo or vibrator......
Full Story Here

Nudist Organization Defends Lifestyle

Brian Spence, president of Naturally California, said, "Nude recreation is a lot of fun. We have friendships that are long-lasting, marriages that last forever. We have children that grow up to be very strong leaders in their community.".....
Full Story Here

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