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N.C. sodomy law still enforced despite ruling on Texas measure
The North Carolina law is defined to ban oral or anal sex between unmarried couples. Critics contend it has been used to criminalize gay relationships and discriminate against homosexuals.....
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More firms adopt gay-friendly policy
More large U.S. companies prohibited discrimination based on sexual orientation and adopted other gay- and lesbian-friendly policies during the past year, according to a gay rights’ group survey released Monday......
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Sexual identity survey released
A survey of Santa Cruz lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgendered people, years in the making and just released, turned up few surprises: that younger people feel more vulnerable, that harassment or discrimination is more likely to come from strangers, and that Latinos are less likely to be openly gay than European-Americans.....
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Naughty shopping parties are hot, hot, hot!
Only one rule applied at the home shopping party in Hawthorne: no boys.
Everything else - finger foods, sangria, raucous laughter, lewd comments, dirty jokes, sex toys, sexy lingerie, and sexual aids - was fair game. Pink with excitement, the 15 women sat in a semicircle, feeling, tasting, and toying with their potential purchases.....
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Out at the Prom
More gay teens than ever are taking same-sex dates to prom. And instead of sparking controversy, schools are saying, what’s the big deal?.....
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Sex stores come under fire in Atlanta
Local governments are throwing buckets of cold water on area adult entertainment stores, arguing the sex videos and novelty items they sell violate zoning ordinances and state law......
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Law Needs New Category of Sexual Assault
On January 6, the California Supreme Court ruled that when a woman rescinds consent during sex, the man becomes guilty of rape if he does not stop immediately........
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Playing the Gay Card
Therein lies the reason to reject the many politicians who today are “playing the Gay card” in exchange for votes. If that were the only reason to vote against them, it would be a good and valid one........
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Gay rights: Democratic liability?
The nine candidates for the Democratic nomination for president, who all support either gay marriages or civil unions or letting states decide for themselves how to handle the matter, are at odds with a majority of Americans on the topic, creating what some in their ranks see as a liability for their party in a match with President Bush, who flatly opposes gay marriage.......
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Some protest men's nudist campground
"It don't bother me one bit in the world," said Joe Stutts, who has lived in Bonlee for 20 years. "I'm not going over there, so what should I care? I'm kind of glad we're getting a little excitement."....
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Promiscuity Differs by Gender
Men and women are programmed for promiscuity. But we differ in our desires.......
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New 'sex pills' may put heat on Viagra
The Food and Drug Administration on Tuesday approved rival drug Levitra for use in the United States, and Cialis is awaiting the federal government's go-ahead. The pills, already available in Europe, are similar to Viagra in the way they work......
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Gay-marriage ban in state court
A state court is considering whether Arizona's ban on marriage for same-sex couples is a denial of a fundamental right or a reasonable attempt to protect children by promoting family.......
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Library workers sue over porn
A dozen female employees of the Minneapolis Public Library filed a federal lawsuit Monday accusing the library of creating a hostile work environment by allowing unfettered Internet access by a menacing group of downtown library regulars who have threatened and harassed the women.......
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Exercise may prolong men’s sex lives
A new study offers an additional reason for men to exercise: It could add years to their sex lives.......
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Gay unions should be decided by states
The pope, as leader of a major world religion, has every right to interpret its teachings for believers. But the president should back off from meddling in the civil authority that belongs to the states......
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'How to be Gay' course draws fire at Michigan
A course called "How to be Gay: Male Homosexuality and Initiation," scheduled this fall, has reignited a culture war at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor......
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Why we must talk to our kids about oral sex
Adolescents increasingly see oral sex as a substitute for real sex.......
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Nudists want perverts ban
Territory nudists want clothed people banned from nude beaches, saying many are perverts......
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Heterosexuals Shouldn't Have A Monopoly On Marriage
If you believe that the creator didn't intend for there to be same-sex couples, that's fine. But if you believe that all people should live by the same rules –– your rules –– that's not so good.......
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Lifestyles Convention unites wife-swappers, sex-watchers
Call them anything you want--open-minded adults, lifestylers, the sexually enlightened--but, please, don't call them swingers.......
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Internet infidelity
Suspicious husbands and wives who once might have hired a private eye to find out if their spouses were cheating are now using do-it-yourself technology to check on an increasingly popular hideaway for trysts - the Internet.......
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Poll shows opposition to gay marriage
A strong majority of the public opposes the Episcopal Church's decision to recognize gay marriages, a Washington Post poll showed Thursday......
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Bush wants to restrict your right to view bush on the net!
The Bush administration has appealed to the Supreme Court to reinstate a law that punishes Web site operators who expose children to dirty pictures and other inappropriate material.......
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State of Nevada calling Teenage girls "Dirty & Cheap"
That's according to a new radio advertisement sponsored in part by the Nevada State Health Division. The radio announcement is part of a federally funded abstinence education program.......
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Aged Widows Told To 'Become Lesbians'
government funded agency that counsels people on human relationships says lonely older single women "should consider becoming lesbians". ......
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Gay Couples Suffer From 'Marriage Penalty'
With the subject of gay marriage making daily headlines, you might find yourself, as I did this weekend, socializing with well-meaning, gay-friendly straight friends who really don't see what all the fuss is about. Yes, they think same-sex couples should have equal rights, but why marriage – is it really necessary?......
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Perversion in Art
the number of perverts involved in the field of art is probably much greater than the average for the population in general.... It can be supposed ... that the pervert inclines in some particular manner to the world of art.......
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Masturbation Touches Every Culture
According to a new book, "The Big Book Of Masturbation" (Down There Press), Poland has the highest percentage of male masturbators. Nearly 99 percent of Polish men are touchy-feely, as are 94 percent of Canadian men......
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Pick Up Line Contest
Here are the winners in our contest's two divisions: original pickup lines and true-life tales of success (and failure).....
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U.S. Episcopal Church Approves First Openly Gay Bishop
U.S. Episcopalian bishops voted on Tuesday to install the church's first openly gay bishop, triggering a protest by conservative opponents who have threatened to split the global Anglican denomination......
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Flynt sued over sex toys in dishwasher
Hustler magazine publisher and would-be California governor Larry Flynt has been sued for sexual harassment by a former employee who claims she found sex toys in the company dishwasher......
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Porn star campaigns for California
AN AMERICAN porn star was yesterday campaigning to join in an increasingly whacky race for the governorship of California. Mary Carey is pledging to make lap dances tax deductible and to swap guns for smut if elected.......
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City aims at adult entertainment
The Board of Aldermen Monday unanimously approved the ordinance to ban total nudity and restrict partial nudity at adult establishments in the city......
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`Queer Eye' gets rave reviews -- from straight women
Indeed, Bravo's ratings are soaring among adult women, the channel's target audience. Credit for that goes to "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy," the all-male makeover show that's been described as a cross between "Trading Spaces" and "Will & Grace."......
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Online swinger stripped of porn
Akron man must erase compromising pictures of ex-wife on Internet ....
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Pornography unscrambled
For better or worse, porn has become so mainstream it's losing its smut appeal.....
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Gay rights loom large on U.S. agenda
A sudden convergence of events has pushed the issue of the place of gays and lesbians in American society to the top of the political agenda. Monday’s vote that could make a New Hampshire cleric the first openly gay elected bishop in the Episcopal Church comes on the heels of a far-reaching Supreme Court gay rights decision and the rise of Democratic presidential contender Howard Dean who signed the nation’s first civil unions bill to give gays and lesbians the same rights as heterosexual married couples.....
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Topless 3-year-old makes waves at pool
It may be all right for girls to bathe topless in pools in, say, Brazil, but don't try going topless at a water park in Detroit -- even if you're only 3 years old....
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Military’s gay ban challenged
The first aftershocks of the Supreme Court’s landmark decision striking down a Texas sodomy law have reached the U.S. military, where the ruling is sparking new court challenges to the armed forces’ ban on openly gay personnel and other rules affecting sexuality.....
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Openly Gay, And A Bishop?
A New Hampshire clergyman moved a step closer Sunday to becoming the first openly gay elected bishop in the Episcopal Church, winning one of two final votes required to be confirmed.....
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Calif. Governor Signs Transgender Rights Bill
California will become the fourth state to protect the transgendered from housing and job discrimination....
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Youth nude camp faces criticism from politicians
Arizona, Speaker of the House Jake Flake said he would encourage the county attorney to investigate the camp, which is about 45 minutes north of downtown Phoenix.....
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Sex club curfew law upheld by U.S. court
An Arizona law requiring all sexually oriented businesses to close at 1 a.m. does not violate the U.S. Constitution, a federal appellate court ruled this week.....
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Gay marriage law in hands of Massachusetts court
The president and the pope may have their opinions about gay marriage, but it's the seven relatively obscure judges on Massachusetts' highest court who might write the next chapter in the debate about whether same-sex couples should be allowed to wed.......
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Same-Sex Marriage: What's 'Wrong' With It?
While the Vatican labels political support of same sex unions "gravely immoral," one Baptist minister says religious views about homosexuality are changing in the same way they changed about slavery, women preachers and Galileo's scientific theories.......
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Is infidelity ‘natural’ for men?
A fierce debate about whether jealousy, lust and sexual attraction are hardwired in the brain or are the products of culture and upbringing has recently been ignited by the growing influence of a school of psychology that sees the hidden hand of evolution in everyday life......
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'Swinging' a growing trend in Minnesota
It could be someone you've known for years, perhaps your doctor or your neighbor. Experts on both sides say the popularity of this secret lifestyle is exploding, including right here in the Twin Cities.....
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State Leaders Mostly Reject Pope's Marriage Call
"On this issue of same-sex marriage, I have long believed that the formal institution of marriage should be reserved for a man and woman," said Owens, a Roman Catholic. "However, I also agree with John Kennedy that the Vatican should not be attempting to direct politicians on how to vote on any issue."....
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Defense in polygamist case cites sodomy ruling
The U.S. Supreme Court ruling overturning Texas' sodomy law has been cited by attorneys for a polygamous policeman charged with unlawful sex and bigamy.....
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Gay-marriage roadblocks
After some breakthroughs earlier this year, the drive to legalize gay marriage has run into formidable obstacles - blunt opposition from President Bush, a global counterattack by the Vatican and U.S. opinion polls suggesting rising doubts about same-sex unions....
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Pornography not just for the fellas as women fess up
Defying the stereotype of the average pornography consumer as a desperate old man in a raincoat is a study that shows significant numbers of women are taking an interest, too......
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Sex and the Law
The first governor of the Massachusetts Colony famously envisioned a "city on a hill," but even in his idealism the governor noted the trouble with sex. Sex, John Winthrop lamented in his journals of the 1630s and 1640s, was everywhere, giving civil and church leaders reasons aplenty to punish "lewdness" and "incontinency."......
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Survey says Brits are foreplay flops
The research found 80% of British men didn't even know what foreplay was, mistaking it for a sport, a computer game or an item of clothing.....
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Bush backs law to bar gay marriage
President Bush said Wednesday he has government lawyers working on a law that would define marriage as a union between a woman and a man, casting aside calls to legalize gay marriages.......
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Christian group sues governor over discrimination order
Three Republican legislators and a Christian group challenged an executive order barring employment discrimination based on sexual orientation in some state agencies........
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Swingers Club Reborn As Church
A former swinger's club in Hollywood is going to get a new life after a church group paid $1 million for the building......
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Nudity takes off
The words "nudist colony" might conjure up notions of waifs dancing through fields like castoffs from a production of "Hair." But those who do stuff in the buff want to project a different image........
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Support For Gays Drops Following Supreme Court Ruling
The poll, taken for USA Today and CNN asked whether gay sex between consenting adults should be legal. 48 percent of respondents said yes while 46 percent said no. It is the lowest support for gays Gallup has found since the mid 1990's........
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Bride's magazine has first full-page article on same-sex weddings
After 79 years, Bride's, the oldest and largest of the national wedding magazines, is running its first full-page article on same-sex weddings.......
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Vatican wages war on gay marriage
Alarmed by growing legal acceptance of gay marriages, the Vatican is issuing new instructions to bishops and Catholic politicians in an effort to halt the trend.......
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