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For five years, an agency of the City of Phoenix has been raiding and harassing swingers’ clubs under a local ordinance that makes it a crime to “operate a live sex act business.” Recently, a gay men’s bathhouse was also raided under that ordinance. These actions fly directly in the face of the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling, in Lawrence v. Texas, that governments cannot take action against private sexual expression solely to impose moral views on its citizens. This ordinance has no legitimate justification. Moreover, its enforcement has discriminatively targeted sexual minorities—swingers, Gay, Lesbian, BDSM, and Transgender clubs—while ignoring businesses (like adult motels) that obviously fall within the terms of this ordinance

Lesbian hotel hit by discrimination suit
Casitas Laquita, one of two resorts in Palm Springs that advertises to lesbians, is being sued by Los Angeles residents Michael Cohn and Greg Lewis. In the three-page filing, the men claim they called the 13-unit hotel on two separate dates in August and allegedly were denied reservations because of their gender.....
Full Story Here

Naughty in N'awlins
While I can't pass up an opportunity to immerse myself in another sexual subculture, I had a few reservations. What troubles me about swingers is that while I consider them a sexual minority, a community whose members behave in ways outside the norm, the majority don't see themselves that way.....
Full Story Here

Granholm bans anti-gay bias in state employment
"The employment practices of state government should promote public confidence in the fairness and integrity of government and should reflect a commitment to equal employment opportunities," Granholm spokeswoman Liz Boyd said in a statement......
Full Story Here

Grin and bare it
Old naked women, no matter how accomplished or stunning, are rarely considered appealing or desirable -- at least in Hollywood. This holiday season, however, Keaton's full frontal nudity and Helen Mirren's partial nude scenes in "Calendar Girls" are the talk of the town......
Full Story Here

Vancouver facing worst outbreak of syphilis in the developed world
Vancouver is facing the worst outbreak of syphilis per capita in the developed world, with city health officials fearful of a looming epidemic of the sexually transmitted disease once thought almost wiped out in North America......
Full Story Here

Pastor's 'Camera Crusade' Targets Porn Patrons
Customers of sexually oriented businesses near Interstate 20 and Mansfield Highway might find a surprise in their mailboxes after their next trip to one of the triple-X stores. A Kennedale pastor recently started a "camera crusade," photographing license plates in the stores' parking lots and mailing postcards acknowledging visits to the customers' homes......
Full Story Here

Canadian Gays Win $100 Million Lawsuit
An Ontario judge has given gay and lesbian senior citizens a $100 million dollar Christmas gift. Justice Ellen Macdonald ruled Friday that the federal government discriminated against same-sex couples by denying pension benefits to survivors whose partners died before 1998. ......
Full Story Here

7-Eleven Poised to Re-enter Porn Biz
After 17 years of not offering pornographic magazines, the 5,300 stores of the 7-Eleven chain are apparently planning to offer "adult publications" once again......
Full Story Here

Move to reverse gay couples' rights law fails
A sparse crowd supporting expanded rights for gay and lesbian domestic partners celebrated the demise Monday of a proposed 2004 ballot measure to overturn landmark new protections passed this year......
Full Story Here

Strong Support Is Found for Ban on Gay Marriage
For decades, a majority of Americans have not approved of homosexual relations. That had begun to change, until the Supreme Court ruling in June and the Massachusetts ruling in November. A New York Times/CBS News poll conducted in July found that 54 percent of respondents said homosexual relations should be legal. Only 41 percent of the respondents in the latest poll said they should be legal......
Full Story Here

San Francisco sex workers demand legal protection
San Francisco's prostitutes and strippers are calling on the city's newly elected young mayor to help decriminalize the world's oldest profession and crack down on abuses of exotic dancers.......
Full Story Here

Student says gay fraternity should have chapter at Cal
Delta Lambda Phi started in Washington, D.C., in 1986 and now has 18 chapters and eight colonies nationwide. Most chapters are directly linked to college campuses, while others, such as the San Francisco one, morph into more community-based organizations. In the past four years, enrollment has doubled to 1,500 members......
Full Story Here

A culture gorging on porn
Why is there virtually no debate about how porn is perverting our society, asks Simon Castles.......
Full Story Here

New 'sex patch' will be the female Viagra
A controversial sex patch to be worn by women suffering from "female sexual dysfunction" is being developed in the United States and could be launched as early as next year with a $100m marketing campaign........
Full Story Here

Pornography snares women as well as men today
After putting her daughter to bed, Maggie, 42, routinely sat at her computer for hours, mesmerized by an online world of erotic stories and real-time sexual discussions.
Beth, 33, usually clicked on the most visually graphic sites, disproving the theory that only men are enticed by pornography......
Full Story Here

Proposed constitutional amendment could impact family photos
New Mexico’s attorney general wants a tough constitutional amendment on child pornography. Opponents say the idea could keep parents from having even a picture of their child in the bathtub.......
Full Story Here

Porn videos arouse women more than men
A research by scientists from Stanford University School of Medicine in California claims that the fair sex is also turned on by pornography.......
Full Story Here

Remote controlled orgasms to cost $17,000
Orgasmatron Inventor Dr Stuart Meloy says he is confident women will fork out $17,000 for the procedure and device as millions of people spend fortunes on cosmetic surgery.......
Full Story Here

Gay Couple Sues Adoption Site For Bias
A complaint was filed today in San Francisco Superior Court against, the largest adoption-related Internet business in the United States. The suit alleges that the company unlawfully discriminates by excluding all same-sex couples from using its services, one of which allows prospective adoptive parents, for a fee, to post personal information about themselves for birth mothers who are seeking adoptive parents for their children......
Full Story Here

Sex club for gays raided
Phoenix police raided another social club for swingers and jailed two of its operators, the second enforcement action in less than a week against establishments that allow patrons to openly engage in sex acts. ......
Full Story Here

Students offered Australian holiday for their sperm
Male students at a Canadian university are being offered a free two-week holiday in Australia in return for their sperm......
Full Story Here

'Instant test' for sex disease
Scientists have developed a cheap, instant test that can detect the sexually transmitted infection chlamydia......
Full Story Here

Bill would ban some swear words from radio, TV
A California lawmaker outraged that rock star Bono cursed on live TV -- and federal regulators did nothing about it -- wants to ban eight vulgar or obscene words from the airwaves.....
Full Story Here

Sex-toy suspect to seek ruling
An attorney for Joanne Webb, a Burleson woman accused by Johnson County authorities of violating an obscenity law by selling sexual devices, said she plans to move to dismiss the charge on constitutional grounds as her client makes her first appearance in court .....
Full Story Here

Civil unions don't cut it with some
The state Senate hopes the state's highest court will embrace civil unions as an alternative to legalizing gay marriage, but the compromise plan is not popular with advocates on either side of the issue.....
Full Story Here

Mass Lesbian Wedding in Boston Followed by Cruise Honeymoon
Olivia, the lifestyle company that connects, transforms and celebrates the lives of lesbians as well as their families and friends, plans to give a whole new meaning to the term "Boston Marriage" in July 2004. That's when Olivia hosts a Boston wedding ceremony for guests on their Boston to Montreal Cruise, July 3-10, 2004. It's a wedding and honeymoon rolled into one.....
Full Story Here

The stigma over Cuffs hurts community
The smell of leather hangs in the air as the snap of a whip thudding against human hide echoes through a small room in the Memorial Union ....
Full Story Here

Donor rescues gay film festival
Gay and lesbian film festivalgoers got an early Christmas present this year. Thanks to a generous donor -- Frank Howell, a leader in the Hayward-area gay and lesbian community, the previously unfunded show will go on.....
Full Story Here

Agency rejects nudist camp expansion plan
Another hassle between Wexford County officials and the owners of a nudist camp has been exposed.....
Full Story Here

2003 shapes up as ‘watershed year’ for homosexuals
By many accounts, 2003 has been the year gays and lesbians came out for good, no longer kept all but invisible by straight society. ....
Full Story Here

Controversy Surrounds Popular Bracelets
First made popular by Madonna (news - web sites) and other pop stars in the 1980s, "jelly bracelets" are making a comeback with teens and some grade-school kids. But this time, there's a twist: In some parts of the country, they're calling them "sex bracelets" — with various colors supposedly representing promises to perform sex acts in a game called "Snap."....
Full Story Here

Nothing sexual about nudist teens? Right!
It makes me a bit freaked out that Michelle Jones – or more particularly, Michelle Jones’ parents – do not think of nudity as “a sexual thing.” Admittedly, the obsession teenagers have with clothing – what’s hot and what’s not, what’s dopey and what’s cool – is a part of adolescence that turns the stomach of most parents. ...
Full Story Here

Firefighter Suspended After Being Photographed At Adult Store
A local firefighter resigns under pressure and another is suspended after an encounter with a man taking pictures of adult bookstore customers....
Full Story Here

Iowa Judge Grants Lesbian Divorce
An Iowa judge's divorce decree for two women has sparked a legal challenge that could help decide whether some states can bar same-sex unions while others permit it....
Full Story Here

Objections raised to Hugh Hefner's hamburger ads
The Rev. Robert H. Schuller, whose weekly "Hour of Power" televangelist show airs nationwide, is objecting to TV ads that use Playboy founder Hugh Hefner to hawk a new line of hamburgers....
Full Story Here

English Woman Poses Nude To Defend Female Sexual Freedom
Charlotte Gee figures if models can pose in their birthday suits to protest fur coats, then it's her duty to doff her duds to promote what she calls the "legitimization of female beauty."....
Full Story Here

Standing on Ceremony
Meet the hetero holdouts, people who refuse to marry until the institution no longer excludes gays. Their stance foists a question on straight people of the marrying kind who like to think of themselves as progressives on gay rights: Can you really claim to support the rights of gays while you're buying into the institution that most painfully marginalizes gay couples?....
Full Story Here

ADULTERY was once considered a sin - or at least a secret. Not online. The Internet dating craze is blazing a trail of broken marriages thanks to dozens of sites inviting participants to identify themselves as "not so happily married," "married but that shouldn't matter" or even the seemingly archaic, "married but we swing.".....
Full Story Here

USC adds gays to bias policy
University of South Carolina officials have provided new job protection for gay and lesbian employees, ending a long debate over the school’s nondiscrimination policy.....
Full Story Here

Phoenix is free of crime again . . . or maybe not
Turns out I was slightly mistaken. But understandably so, I believe. I had what looked like prima facie evidence in the form of a police raid on private members-only establishments where people participate in what is called the "swingers" lifestyle.
I figured that if the police were willing to expend the resources to investigate people who don't harm anyone and city officials were willing to spend taxpayer money on the law enforcement effort, then the only logical explanation is that there are no other serious crimes being committed......
Full Story Here

Summary: Asserts that there is a mythology about marital infidelity that shows up in the popular press and even in mental health literature that is guaranteed to mislead people and make dangerous situations even worse. Myth 1: Everybody is unfaithful; Myth 2: Affairs are good for you.....
Full Story Here

Just a fantasy in Vernon
Mystic Lifestyle Resort touts itself as the largest swinger resort in the country. Its offerings include swinger romper rooms and group “meet and greet” rooms. Clothing is optional after 10 p.m. in the resort’s indoor swimming pool and hot tubs. Where is all this offered? At Legends Resort in Vernon, according to Mystic’s Web site.
Not so, said a Legends official and a Mystic official on Monday.......
Full Story Here

Pretty women scramble men's ability to assess the future
Psychologists in Canada have finally proved what women have long suspected - men really are irrational enough to risk entire kingdoms to catch sight of a beautiful face......
Full Story Here

Beekeepers insist honey is natural Viagra
Bulgarian bee keepers are marketing thistle-infused honey as a natural and cheaper alternative to Viagra......
Full Story Here

Sex-club raid called 'harassment'
Phoenix police raided a controversial social club again Saturday and arrested the manager in an ongoing dispute over whether swingers have a constitutional right to openly engage in sex at the establishment......
Full Story Here

Straight Girls Win Gay Victory
A Wyoming school district has backed down on a policy that forbids same-sex dates at school dances, thanks to two straight girls......
Full Story Here

Neighbors get naked in Forrest Hills calendar
Several neighbors in the close-knit community, located between Decatur and Avondale Estates, posed naked and half-naked this fall for a 2004 calendar designed to raise money for homeless children and improve a neighborhood park......
Full Story Here

First Gay Business Magazine to Launch
In early January, the first-ever business magazine directed at GLBT [gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender] executives and entrepreneurs, will hit newsstands.....
Full Story Here

Swingers hit back at city
The relentless battle between a swinger's club and Phoenix officials moved into a new phase Friday with the filing of a $500,000 claim against the city alleging false arrest and malicious prosecution.....
Full Story Here

Florida's ban on gay marriage may be challenged
Regardless of the Massachusetts high court's ruling, however, Winfield and Byrd must clear a formidable legal hurdle before any gay marriage outside Florida can be recognized here.
That hurdle is this state's Defense of Marriage Act, a civil law saying the state does not recognize gay marriages, even if performed outside the state......
Full Story Here

Judge: AA schools violated student's free-speech rights
A federal court judge ruled Friday that the Ann Arbor Public Schools violated a former Pioneer High School student's Constitutional right to free speech and equal protection when the student was not allowed to express her religious views on homosexuality in March 2002.....
Full Story Here

Sex shops infiltrate small towns
Until the 61-foot-tall sign appeared one morning along Interstate 70, no one from Abilene, Kan., knew that the former Stuckey's truck stop just outside of town had been remade into an "adult superstore" that sells X-rated videos, lingerie and sex toys.....
Full Story Here

Student's X-rated film project tests limits of artistic freedom
In October, a film student at New York University pitched an idea for her video-making class: a four-minute portrayal of the contrast between unbridled human lust and banal everyday behavior.....
Full Story Here

Complaint will test limits of anti-discrimination law
Greenberg had served as the program's director for 13 years as Dr. Gary Greenberg. In May 2003 Greenberg informed Dr. John Bruno, vice president of medical affairs, that she was transgender and would begin transitioning to a female appearance beginning July 1. Greenberg claimed she was terminated two weeks later because officials had serious concerns about public reaction and the adverse affect the change would have to the Podiatric Residency Program.....
Full Story Here

Weston-super-Mare hotel to welcome swingers
A hotel owner in Weston-super-Mare is offering swingers' sex parties in an effort to boost his business.....
Full Story Here

Opposite poles over porn
Porn king Ron Jeremy and author Susan Cole debate on campus
The debaters made short opening remarks and launched into questions from responsive audience members, who booed, screamed, laughed and jeered. About 825 students packed the Stamp Student Union's Colony Ballroom, and Student Entertainment Events security had to turn away about 200 students at the door.....
Full Story Here

Nudity, sex articles in Abercrombie & Fitch 'magalog' draw fire
Using sex to sell clothing -- or anything really -- is hardly unusual. But is Abercrombie & Fitch going too far?
Absolutely, claims the National Coalition for the Protection of Children & Families. The Christian Cincinnati-based group has launched a boycott campaign against the clothing company (, claiming the Abercrombie quarterly catalog (sold in stores and by subscription) contains frontal nudity and articles promoting "sexual promiscuity.".....
Full Story Here

Bush’s Legislation May Help Gays Adopt
President Bush signed legislation on Tuesday expanding government incentives that promote adoption, a move one LGBT advocacy group says will help gay families.....
Full Story Here

Ayer native pleased with SJC's ruling on gay marriage
Horgan said he and Balmelli "jumped up and down" when they were told by attorney Mary Lisa Bonauto that the Supreme Judicial Court had ruled that it was unconstitutional to deny same sex couples the rights and benefits of marriage.....
Full Story Here

Mayor facing legal action for banning gays
controversial Brazilian mayor is being sued by human rights workers after he signed a decree banning homosexuals from living in his town.....
Full Story Here

District To Offer Condoms For Free
District health officials, who every day confront the nation's highest incidence of AIDS, will soon install plain white condom dispensers in select government offices and begin distributing the contraceptives for free.....
Full Story Here

School Punishes Boy For Talking About Gay Mom
A 7-year-old boy was scolded and forced to write "I will never use the word 'gay' in school again" after he told a classmate about his lesbian mother.....
Full Story Here

Utah Polygamist Invokes Ruling on Gay Sex
The nation's high court in June struck down a Texas sodomy law, ruling that what gay men and women do in the privacy of their homes is no business of government.
It's no different for polygamists, argued Tom Green's attorney, John Bucher, to the Utah Supreme Court.....
Full Story Here

Men prefer cuddles to sex:
HOLDING hands and cuddling are rated more highly than sex by the average American guy, a new survey claimed today.....
Full Story Here

Massachusetts bishops call gay marriage ruling 'national tragedy'
David Wilson, one of the plaintiffs in the case that led to the ruling, said the bishops are confusing civil and religious marriage. The court ruling will not require any religion to perform same-sex marriage ceremonies......
Full Story Here

Playboy at 50 finds sex is still hot
Clad in a smoking jacket in his licentious Los Angeles mansion, Hugh Hefner bragged: "The three great inventions of civilization were fire, the wheel and Playboy."
"Nobody was having sex before Playboy," he went on. "We invented it." .....
Full Story Here

Women Needed to Test Orgasm Machine
No, really. An American surgeon who has patented a device that triggers an orgasm has begun a clinical trial approved by the Food and Drug Administration in the United States and is looking for female volunteers.....
Full Story Here

Ministers standing up for gay Marriage
The Rev. Ellen Johnson-Fay and the Rev. Jude LaFollette no longer are signing marriage licenses, and won't until the government gives same-sex marriage an official legal blessing.....
Full Story Here

Sex in cars has cops coming and going
Booming vehicle ownership in southern China has left police puzzled over how to deal with the new problem of couples having sex in cars.....
Full Story Here

Stripper Poles for Christmas?
If you missed fifth grade that day, let me explain. Blacker's San Jose company sells home versions of the floor-to-ceiling poles used by erotic dancers.....
Full Story Here

Glendale's city attorney resigns
Glendale City Attorney Rick Flaaen resigned late Tuesday in the wake of allegations that he had repeatedly attempted to access pornographic Web sites with his city computer.....
Full Story Here

Complex, bitter battle over gay marriage lies ahead
After the initial surge of elation and outrage, supporters and opponents of gay marriage are looking past a historic Massachusetts court ruling toward a nationwide, state-by-state struggle that will be complicated, nasty and politically treacherous.....
Full Story Here

Third Annual Sexy Gift Guide
Queer Eye for the Straight Guy has taught us that buying things makes you feel better about yourself. Buying things for others should feel twice as nice. This year's guide is about supporting and inspiring people's erotic desires.....
Full Story Here

Kansas judge to decide on sex `age restriction'
Judge J. Thomas Marten, hearing the case in downtown Wichita, will have to sort out an argument that involves how much discretion to give physicians and prosecutors in reporting sexual practices of those under age 16......
Full Story Here

No volunteers for orgasm implant
A scientist claiming to have invented a device which produces orgasms at the touch of a button can't find women to help him conduct trials into it......
Full Story Here

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