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Dr Dean Peterson , aka Dr. Dean.
Dr Dean Peterson has had wide experience in Public Health, Family Medicine, Hypnotherapy, and Prison Medicine. He has been associated with lifestyles organizations in one form or another for thirty five years, and is well known in the Las Vegas area.
This is not a medical advise column, this is Dr. Dean's view on things that effect you and the lifestyle.

Love and Lust Revisited

Since my last article regarding legitimate commercially available products to enhance sexuality, a number of people have requested that I comment further on the matter.

As mentioned in "Love and Lust", most of the salient information regards Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis, so see above. Little else is worth mentioning, except for condemnation.

The only other possibly effective and legitimate products are the vacuum pump devices and testosterone replacement products. For many years vacuum pump devices have been available to assist men with erectile dysfunction. Basically they involve a suction device attached to a plastic tube and a cock-ring type of device. The cylinder is placed over the penis and air is sucked out using a hand bulb similar to the ones used for a blood pressure apparatus. As air is pumped out and the external pressure is reduced, the penis becomes engorged with blood, the somewhat cumbersome device is removed, and the erection is maintained with the afore mentioned rubber ring. The erection can be maintained long enough for normal sexual activity, and can be deflated by removing the rubber cock ring device. Although some committed couples have used the device and found it satisfactory for a number of years, some complain the penis feels slightly cooler and more numb than usual. It also takes an understanding partner as using the device can be awkward at first. As could be expected, the more expensive models work best and reliable models can be found at medical supply houses and some sex shops. No prescription needed. If medications are out of the question because of medical contra-indications or side effects, this may be an acceptable alternative. Most people find it better than nothing.

The other legitimate products that could be mentioned are testosterone gels, creams, patches and shots. These are not only sold by prescription only, and are controlled substances. They can be helpful in older men with proven or highly suspected testosterone deficiencies. The testosterone level drops slowly after about the age of twenty and for men above age forty can reach levels low enough to interfere with skeletal maintence, sex drive, and potency. A blood test measuring free testosterone as well as total testosterone can be definitive. Women also need testosterone at a lower level to function sexually and some doctors have prescribed it for years. The difficulty with testosterone is in getting the dose right and trial and error and several blood tests may be necessary.

Tempting ads for penis enlargers, potency enhancers, and sexual desire stimulators which are ubiquitous on the internet and in magazines can only be mentioned to be discouraged. The author has not heard of a single person who feels they got their moneys worth with these, though there has to be at least one person out there who is satisfied. Please save your money, for now, and if a product is needed, investigate the properties and proper use of Viagra, Levitra, Cialis, the vacuum pump, or testosterone replacement.

We have had a number of questions about the Human Papilloma Virus. I will attempt to help you with what you need to know regarding this next time.

Dean G. Peterson M. D.

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