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Comparing marriage and civil unions
When President Bush announced his support for a constitutional amendment defining "marriage as a union of a man and woman as husband and wife," he hinted that state legislatures could define "legal arrangements other than marriage" for same-sex couples. ....
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Oral sex linked to mouth cancer
Oral sex can lead to oral tumours. That is the conclusion of researchers who have proved what has long been suspected, that the human papilloma virus can cause oral cancers....
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Half of young Americans to get sex diseases
Half of all young Americans will get a sexually transmitted disease by the age of 25, perhaps because they are ignorant about protection or embarrassed to ask for it, according to several reports....
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Congress Not Rushing Gay Marriage Ban
President Bush wants quick election-year enactment of a constitutional amendment prohibiting gays from marrying each other, but Republicans in Congress are not rushing to heed his call.....
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Group wants Cuffs charges dropped
The National Coalition for Sexual Freedom sent a letter to the Office of Judicial Affairs last week asking for charges against ISU bondage and sadomasochism group Cuffs to be dropped.....
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S.F. mayor says Bush unfairly blames city
SAN FRANCISCO - Mayor Gavin Newsom denounced President Bush's "lack of truthfulness" yesterday in attributing his support for a constitutional ban on same-sex marriages partly to San Francisco's recent experiment in allowing gay couples to wed.....
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Inside Vegas Swinger Clubs
Swinging used to be the term for a popular dance, but today if you're a swinger you swap partners with other couples hoping to score. It's happening at clubs like the Green Door and the Red Rooster. And swinging is just one of the lifestyles explored in a new Las Vegas book called, "Skin City.".....
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Bush to Back Gay Marriage Ban Amendment
President Bush backed a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage Tuesday, saying he wants to stop activist judges from changing the definition of the "most enduring human institution.".....
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‘Tupperware parties’ have never been quite this sexy
'Porn seminar' research prompts students to explore latest trend: erotic toy gatherings.....
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Lawsuit threatened after gay couple denied marriage license in Broward
Rubin said he would return Wednesday "at high noon" to file a civil lawsuit challenging the state's refusal to let gay couples wed. His strategy is to argue that the state and federal constitutions offer equal rights and protection to everyone, male or female......
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Sexual mores take us full circle
1950s women were kept in line by 'chastity,' Today, 'permissiveness' plays the same role.....
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San Francisco to resume gay marriages, dividing Americans and politicians
San Francisco city officials will keep handing marriage licenses to gay couples, the city's mayor said as he defiantly pressed on with a controversial policy that is dividing Americans.....
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Calif. Governor Tries to Stop Gay Marriages
Hours after a second Superior Court judge refused to stop same-sex weddings in San Francisco, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger told the state's attorney general on Friday to take "immediate steps" to stop the gay marriages.....
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Utah House Adopts Third Statement against Gay Marriage
Just in case lawmakers didn't make their distaste for gay marriage clear twice before, Utah House members adopted a third statement against such unions Wednesday.....
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E-Mail Used to Alert of STD Exposure
Fighting fire with fire, public health officials are using e-mail to try to stop the spread of sexually transmitted diseases among people who meet through Internet chat rooms and Web sites.....
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Nude beach support varies in poll
A poll conducted for a Florida nudist group shows a slim margin of support among Eastern Shore voters for a legal Assateague Island nude beach.....
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S.F. to Sue State Over Gay Marriage Ban
SAN FRANCISCO - After sanctioning more than 2,700 gay marriages in the past week, the city said Thursday it is suing the state of California, challenging its ban on same-sex marriages on constitutional grounds....
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Flogging Demonstration Brings Charges
A student bondage club at Iowa State University has been charged with violating university rules after a flogging demonstration in December....
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Chicago Mayor OK With Gay Marriage
Mayor Richard Daley said he would have ``no problem'' with Cook County issuing marriage licenses to gay couples in Chicago, the nation's third largest city....
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"Californians spoke on the issue of same-sex marriage when they overwhelmingly approved California's law that defines marriage as being between a man and a woman. I support that law, and I encourage San Francisco officials to obey that law," the former actor said...
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Legal Limbo for SF Gay Couples
Last week, when San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom instructed City Hall to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples the response from the gay community was, like the rainy weather in the Bay Area over the weekend, torrential.
Since Thursday, the number of licenses issued to same-sex couples has totaled about 2,425, reports San Francisco assessor-recorder, Mabel S. Teng....
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Cuffs fights for BDSM rights
There have been racial rights, women's rights and most recently, gay rights movements in the United States. But what about bondage, discipline, domination and sadomasochism rights?.....
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Judge Delays Ruling on Gay Marriage
A judge delayed until at least Friday a ruling on whether to block San Francisco from issuing same-sex marriage licenses.
The ruling occurred during the first of two such hearings Tuesday. Another judge was scheduled to hear a similar case in the afternoon.....
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San Francisco mayor defends same-sex weddings
As hundreds of lesbian and gay couples surrounded San Francisco's City Hall for a chance to be married, the city's mayor said Tuesday that marriage between same-sex couples is "inevitable" and that anything less is "fundamentally wrong." ......
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Utah 'Sex Tax' Passes Blushing House
According to the Salt Lake Tribune, the Utah House of Representatives behaved like primary school students headed for their first sex ed class, blushing and giggling as they approved a 10 percent tax on nude dancing and escort services last Friday......
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Their wedding march on City Hall produced marriage licenses in the hundreds, but gay and lesbian couples who took part may not even finish opening gifts before their nuptials are null and void......
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Nude beach is low priority
What was once perhaps a well-kept secret is public knowledge now -- a portion of Assateague Island's beach has been informally designated a nudist area for some 20 years or more. Although it was not acknowledged officially or in any way sanctioned for such use, it was well-known to people who seek out nude-friendly areas, some of whom drove for hours to visit......
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San Francisco's Gay Weddings Continue
Dozens of same-sex couples lined up outside City Hall in heavy rain early Monday, waiting for city offices to open so they could join more than 1,700 other gay and lesbian couples who have exchanged vows in the last few days.....
Full Story Here

Groups fail to block same-sex marriage licenses
A Superior Court judge rejected a motion Friday from a conservative group that asked for an immediate temporary restraining order to stop San Francisco from issuing same-sex marriage licenses....
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Nearly 100 Gay Couples Wed In San Francisco
Dozens of same-sex couples were married Thursday in ceremonies at San Francisco City Hall.
The weddings were coordinated by Mayor Gavin Newsom and top city officials and were intended to force the state to act on legalizing gay marriage.....
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Bush Advocates Abstinence-Only Education
The Bush administration is proposing to double spending on sexual abstinence programs that bar any discussion of birth control or condoms to prevent pregnancy or AIDS despite a lack of evidence that such programs work.
In Minnesota, a study found that sexual activity doubled among junior high school students taking part in an abstinence-only program......
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Erotica arouses art market
Erotic art is stepping out of the closet into museums and galleries, as a growing mass of collectors are openly enjoying and willing to pay top dollar for the aesthetic and sensual thrills of previously forbidden fruit......
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San Francisco authorities officiate at 15 same-sex unions
SAN FRANCISCO - In an open challenge to California law, city authorities officiated over at least 15 same-sex weddings Thursday and issued about a dozen more marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples......
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San Francisco Officials Marry Gay Couple
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - In a political and legal challenge to California law, city authorities officiated at the marriage of a lesbian couple Thursday and said they will issue more gay marriage licenses.....
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Kerry Opposed Gay Marriage Ban in Letter
John Kerry tells voters he opposes gay marriages, but when 85 of his Senate colleagues voted to write that opposition into law he compared the effort to 1960s Southerners trying to outlaw interracial marriages.....
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Nude driver defends his actions, claims constitutional right to drive naked
An attorney for David Lawrence Moore, 52, has filed several motions in District Court seeking to have four felony charges dismissed. In the motions, attorney Robert Stephens said his client broke no laws and has a constitutional right to operate his motor vehicle while nude.....
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Police look at student's bid to auction virginity on website
Police are said to be examining whether a student who has auctioned her virginity on the internet is breaking the law.
Rosie Reid, an 18-year-old Bristol University student, said she wants the cash to avoid graduating with too many debts.....
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Sex Party Organizer Says Business is Improving
Grego, Sex Party Organizer: "We had ... 34 couples show, six single females. And at one point during the night just about everybody was back here, at one point ......
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Schools extend sex-ed classes to younger ages
Schools across the country are introducing sex education classes as early as Grade 6 as more students raise questions of oral sex and sexually transmitted diseases.......
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Talk can enhance sex life
It's a man's world, the old song goes, but only women can have multiple orgasms.
But men, all is not lost. The magic word: Tantra ......
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Penis-enlargement firms sued
A California man on Thursday sued a slew of international companies, including a Greeley distributor, alleging the penis-enlargement products they market and distribute do not work......
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In Poll, Most Oppose Gay Marriage
WASHINGTON - A majority of Americans say they don't want laws in their states that would legalize same-sex marriages, according to a poll taken after the Massachusetts Supreme Court ruling in favor of such marriages......
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States to Massachusetts Court: I don't think so!
True lunacy has broken out in Massachusetts. The State Judicial Supreme Court of has declared: civil unions are not enough - this state must allow gay marriage. In doing so the court has lurched to the farthest extreme any set of justices has ever dared to go. At the same time the implications are alarming average families and perhaps waking a voting public like never before......
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Resident reaction mixed to plan
OCEAN CITY -- Dan Shanholtz of Berlin was thrilled to learn he might not have to break the law anymore if a Florida nudist group's efforts to legalize nude sunbathing on a section of Assateague Island pay off......
Full Story Here

L.A. County officials order better HIV, STD prevention in bathhouses, sex clubs
Alarmed by high rates of HIV, Los Angeles County supervisors on Tuesday ordered local health officials to strengthen plans to combat sexual disease transmissions in gay bathhouses and sex clubs......
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Queer Eye for the Swing Votern
BEFORE TUESDAY'S seven-state Democratic primary contest, commentators were eyeing Arizona's diverse, independent-minded electorate as a hotbed of potential swing voters. But while US newspapers nattered on about the Grand Canyon State's 560,000 military veterans and its large Hispanic population, a British broadsheet decided to forecast the Arizona primary by polling some real swingers.....
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Sex, Nudity Filmed Outside 'Swingers' Club Causes Concern
A hotel in Orange County, Fla., whose bar has been converted into a so-called "swingers" club, has been the scene of "unsavory activity" that some hotel patrons and unit owners are not happy with, according to Local 6 News.....
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President says gay marriage ruling is 'deeply troubling'
President Bush, reacting to a new Massachusetts state court ruling, says a constitutional amendment will be necessary to ban gay marriages if judges persist in approving them.....
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Sex drive linked to size of brain part
Scientists say a man or woman's sex drive may be proportional to the size of a part of his or her brain.....
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The new monogamy
"Monogamy scares me to death," says Earle, responding to an ad we placed in eye's classifieds a little while ago inviting readers' thoughts on the subject. "Watching my friends committing or getting married, am I ready to make that leap? I may think 'yes' once in a while, the idea of loving just one woman seems inviting. Then I look at my track record.....
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Mass. High Court Rules for Gay Marriage
The Massachusetts high court ruled Wednesday that only full, equal marriage rights for gay couples - rather than civil unions - would be constitutional, erasing any doubts that the nation's first same-sex marriages would take place in the state beginning in mid-May.....
Full Story Here

Hedonistic Holidays Endanger Sexual Health -Survey
One in four young men and one in seven women had more than one sexual partner. Eleven percent of males and three percent of females said they had indulged in sex with six or more people during a typical 10-day stay -- and not all of them practiced safe sex.....
Full Story Here

Gym workout 'guarantees more orgasms'
A London gym has developed a new fitness regime that it guarantees will increase the frequency, intensity and quality of customer's orgasms.....
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Ohio House Approves Defense Of Marriage Act
With just four letters Ohio lawmakers have redefined marriage in the state.
It will have a widespread impact on same-sex couples and businesses in a city already seen by some as intolerant.....
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U.S. military blames lap dances for declining military discipline
The U.S. military has asked South Korea to ban lap dancing and other lewd acts at local nightclubs near its bases, saying they negatively impact military discipline.
The officials said the military was taking similar steps at other bases in the United States and overseas against lap dancing.....
Full Story Here

Class on sexuality stirs ire of lawmaker
As an election year cranks up, the candidates are mired in Medicare and the war on terror. But at this Midwestern school, a human sexuality class and a sexually charged calendar are the issues......
Full Story Here

Sex dolls and handcuffs in Valentine ad campaign
Billboards appearing in London from tomorrow have words such as "love" and "be mine" created from photographs of various sex-related objects made to look like individual letters......
Full Story Here

Nudists want their day in the sun on Assateague
As it stands now, park rangers can tell the nudists to cover up or enforce Maryland law against indecent exposure and fine them. That could change if the Florida-based American Association of Nude Recreation is successful in having its lobbyists persuade Maryland lawmakers to submit and pass a bill legalizing nudity on a small portion of Assateague Island National Seashore......
Full Story Here

Court upholds nude beach restricions
SALEM — State authorities must take steps to shield property owners from exposure to activities of nude sunbathers on Sauvie Island near Portland, the Oregon Court of Appeals ruled on Wednesday.....
Full Story Here

Dems back same-sex marriage resolution
Leaders of the Massachusetts Democratic Party voted to back a resolution supporting same-sex civil marriage, just two weeks before lawmakers are scheduled to decide on a constitutional amendment to ban it.......
Full Story Here

Monkeys Show Males Think Hard About Sex - Really
Some people may joke that men don't think with their heads when it comes to sex, but a study in monkeys suggests the brain plays a significant role in the decision to mate, researchers reported on Wednesday......
Full Story Here

Under Covers: Faking it
This weekend, I faked it like a pro - standing up, while my friends looked on. It was a masterpiece. My face turned red, my heart pounded in my chest, I screamed louder and louder until, suddenly, it was over. I opened my eyes and the girls in front of me burst into applause.....
Full Story Here

What Do Parents Want Taught in Sex Education Programs?
Debates about sex education have focused on two different approaches: "safe sex" courses, which encourage teens to use contraceptives, especially condoms, when having sex, and abstinence education, which encourages teens to delay sexual activity.....
Full Story Here

STD Risk Rises After Teens Have a Baby
The Yale University team found that among 203 pregnant teens, seven percent were diagnosed with either chlamydia or gonorrhea roughly three months after giving birth. This rate stood at 14 percent six months later, and was nearly double that of a comparison group of girls who were not pregnant.....
Full Story Here

Amid cheers and balloons, domestic partner registry opens
CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, Ohio - Balloons decorated City Hall as unmarried couples, gay and straight, lined up Monday to be among the first to sign up for the city's domestic partner registry, the first in the nation created by voters.....
Full Story Here

Virginity For Sale
An 18-year-old lesbian student has tried to raise money to fund her university studies by selling her virginity online.....
Full Story Here

For some teen girls, sexual preference is a shifting concept
MOVE over, Ellen DeGeneres, and make way for the younger girls. Way younger, actually, and way different from what most people think of as lesbians......
Full Story Here

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