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LifeStyles News Updates

Sex in a can for women

Whether your feet smell or the cat has fleas, there's usually an aerosol to solve every health dilemma.
And now there's a spray just for women - to boost their enjoyment of sex.......
Full Story Here

Health, Good Vibrations: Uncovering the Health Benefits of Sex

If you are already eating your fruits and vegetables, exercising and taking your vitamins, you might ask what more you can do for your health. One answer might please you: Have more sex.......
Full Story Here

Sex Advice from Personal Trainers

Five personal trainers answer questions from readers! One of the better Q & A sessions I have seen in a long time......
Full Story Here

PBS Censors Postcards From Buster Episode featuring lesbian moms deemed not 'appropriate'

PBS has pulled an episode of the children's show Postcards From Buster that includes children with lesbian mothers. The episode was yanked the same day that PBS received a letter from new Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings condemning the episode and asking PBS to "strongly consider" returning the federal money that went toward its production......
Full Story Here

Attacks on the Nude, the Naked, the Naturist

Civil rights now protect minorities of race, religion, and sex, but there is one minority that government is attacking without regard to civil liberties and Constitutional rights: naturists......
Full Story Here

the 411 - Teens and Sex

We swore we wouldn't be as uptight about sex as our parents were. But then we became parents ourselves and discovered that talking about it isn't so easy. We've all heard the horror stories of kids growing up way too fast, having oral sex at ridiculously young ages......
Full Story Here

Study: Rise Of Syphilis Not Linked To Risky Sex

A recent rise in syphilis rates in the United States is probably due to natural cycles rather than an increase in unsafe sex or other behaviors, according to a new study......
Full Story Here

Lawyer Wants the Shirts Off Their Backs -- and Fronts

As a Ventura County public defender, Liana Johnsson has handled many life-changing cases, but her biggest public crusade these days has been going topless......
Full Story Here

What's porn got to do with it?

Yes, it's all shocking. But even more shocking is the fact that Norwood and Curry don't repel people by watching porn; it actually helps them make friends.
Again, they're not alone considering many other students openly discuss porn as they would discuss a movie or some other favorite pastime ......
Full Story Here

How Kinsey ruined sex for the rest of us

Before Kinsey, sex may indeed have been taboo and poorly understood. But after Kinsey had published his voluminous research in the 1950s, sex had lost its sanctity and moral dimension......
Full Story Here

When `porn chic' hit mainstream

Opening within days of the Watergate break-in in 1972, the $25,000 porn movie Deep Throat was the other event of that distant spring that started small and grew to monstrous proportions......
Full Story Here

The Virginia Supreme Court Strikes Down the State's Fornication Law

Last week, the Virginia Supreme Court ruled that, given the precedent of Lawrence, the state's criminal ban on fornication could not survive. Thus, in Martin v. Ziherl, the Virginia court invalidated the law, which, although it dated back nearly 200 years, had not been enforced criminally against a consenting adult since the middle of the nineteenth century...
Full Story Here

Pope Reaffirms No Condom Stand After Spain Debacle

Pope John Paul on Saturday stressed that the Roman Catholic Church believed abstinence and fidelity within marriage, and not condoms, were the best way to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS...
Full Story Here

Federal same-sex marriage ban upheld

In what is believed to be the first ruling of its kind, a judge on Wednesday upheld the federal law letting states ban same-sex marriages, dismissing a suit by two women seeking to have their Massachusetts marriage recognized in Florida....
Full Story Here

High court asked to overturn Roe v. Wade

The woman once known as "Jane Roe" has asked the Supreme Court to overturn its landmark Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion 32 years ago.....
Full Story Here

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