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Same-Sex Couples Prepare for Registry
Doug Braun and his partner of 14 years couldn't wait for Monday morning, the first day they could go to City Hall to place their names in a registry recognizing them as domestic partners......
Full Story Here

Leno to counter Bush on gay marriage Bill would recognize licenses, boost benefits
State Assemblyman Mark Leno pledged to move forward with legislation that would legalize gay marriage in California, saying that the forceful -- if cautiously worded -- position President Bush outlined in his State of the Union address called for a "proactive" response.....
Full Story Here

Brain size matters for sex
Researchers have suggested that size matters when it comes to sex - the size of part of the brain, that is ......
Full Story Here

Boys Will Be Boys Despite Sex-Change Surgery
Boys born with a rare disorder in which the penis is missing often undergo surgery at birth to make them full-fledged girls. However, new research reveals that over time, many of these children assume a male identity, despite hormonal treatments and rearing practices designed to bring out their feminine side......
Full Story Here

Naked rambler completes his trek
The man dubbed the naked rambler has finally completed his marathon trek from Land's End to John O'Groats.
This is just one step in the whole process of making people aware about our bodies because we are so paranoid about them ......
Full Story Here

Art exhibit canceled over nude photograph
The artist, Darrien LaMarc Goodman, said a nude photograph of himself is an essential element in his "The African Roman," an exhibit of eight to 10 pieces that was to open Jan. 30 at the Still Life in G gallery in Union Street Station in downtown Gainesville. The disputed piece is titled "Crossing Burning Sands."......
Full Story Here

Group fights marriage limits
FRANKFORT, Ky. — About 30 gay-rights advocates and legislators rallied in the Capitol rotunda yesterday to support a bill that would ban discrimination statewide on the basis of sexual orientation......
Full Story Here

Book chain pulls Playboy, Playgirl after DA complains
A book store removed copies of Playboy and Playgirl magazines from its racks after a small-town prosecutor warned they violated Alabama's strict anti-obscenity law......
Full Story Here

Rabbi Offers Prayer for Web Porn Browsers
An Israeli rabbi has composed a prayer to help devout Jews overcome guilt after visiting porn web sites while browsing the Internet.
"Please God, help me cleanse the computer of viruses and evil photographs which disturb and ruin my work..., so that I shall be able to cleanse myself (of sin)," reads the benediction by Shlomo Eliahu, chief rabbi in the northern town of Safed.....
Full Story Here

It has a place in our lives that is at least as important as any other aspect of our relationships. Beyond recreation and procreation, sex is the time, place, means and language of knowing someone else on a level different from all others.......
Full Story Here

Cardinal Attacks Homosexuality
A Belgian cardinal has claimed that only 5-10 percent of lesbians and gay men are actually homosexual, while the majority are "sexual perverts"......
Full Story Here

After years of debate, Ohio nears ban on gay marriage
After seven years of debate in the Statehouse, lawmakers are close to passing a law that would keep Ohio from recognizing same-sex marriages and keep some state employees from getting benefits for their domestic partners......
Full Story Here

Swingers club pair has suit dismissed
A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit filed by a couple found at a swingers club -- all but ending the 5-year-old fight between Broward Sheriff's Office deputies and the couples who were arrested in a 1999 sting......
Full Story Here

Pastor To Be Tried For Being Lesbian
Seattle, Washington) For the first time in sixteen years, the United Methodist Church will put a minister in good standing on trial for being a lesbian......
Full Story Here

Sex-mad Susannah has owned up to 10 affairs - and been forgiven by partner Grant. But will she be faithful when they are married?.....
Full Story Here

Sex life 'better in the countryside'
The survey, by Country Living magazine, questioned just over 1,000 people who live in urban and rural areas.
Overall, 82% thought a country existence was better for their health, 80% considered there was less crime and 61% believed they would live longer.....
Full Story Here

Not for prudes: Sex therapists offer tips for men, women
"The reaction has been quite interesting," Hooper said. "We found that the book aimed at men has not sold as well as the book aimed at women. This goes together with some other research that seems to show that it's women who are buying sexual material these days.".....
Full Story Here

Police seek dismissal of suit over raid on swinger party
A lawyer for Decatur's police chief and an officer has asked a federal judge to dismiss a lawsuit over a police raid on a so-called swingers party at a motel.
The judge's decision on whether the party was public or private could determine whether the suit moves to trial.....
Full Story Here

Sex advice from Cowboys! ;-)
Just as Warhol said that everyone can be famous for fifteen minutes, Nerve believes that anyone can be a sexpert for at least thirty seconds. This is the first installment of a series in which we ask average citizens — all representatives of a specific walk of life — to school us on various matters down-and-dirty. The following interviews were conducted with ranchers that work in the hills of Central California.....
Full Story Here

Women Having Sex, Hoping Men Tune In
Except for the politics and soft-core pornography, "The L Word," Showtime's new series about lesbians that starts on Sunday, is old-fashioned fun — more "Melrose Place" than "Sex and the City.".....
Full Story Here

Pornstar firefighter is too hot for colleagues
Seventeen firefighters have quit their jobs because a female colleague discussed her pornography career while at work in the fire station.
It happened in Keyes, a town of 4,500 people south of Modesto in California, which is served by a small volunteer fire service.....
Full Story Here

Sex Good For Mind, Body
Time magazine is heating up newsstands this week with a sexy cover story and interesting articles inside about how sex is good for the mind and body.
Doctors said there are some links between love and health. Researchers said the benefits of sex include greater longevity, decreased risk of heart disease, weight loss, and pain relief.....
Full Story Here

First Gay Business Magazine to Launch
In late January, the first-ever business magazine directed at GLBT [gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender] executives and entrepreneurs, will hit newsstands.....
Full Story Here

Spam E-Mail Plays on Men's Deepest Fear
Psychiatrists say the marketers sending out such messages are hoping to take advantage of a primal obsession.
"The penis is a primary symbol of male sexuality and dominance," said Dr. Frank Muscarella, a clinical and evolutionary psychiatrist at Barry University in Miami Shores, Florida......
Full Story Here

Students turn to porn to pay course fees
German students are making a porn movie as a protest against underfunding.
The money raised by the film will be used to help subsidise the fees of those who can't otherwise finance a university education.....
Full Story Here

Judge: Latex covers nudity law
Magistrate Jeff Lipman found that using skin-colored latex does not violate a West Des Moines city ordinance outlawing the display of certain body parts. The highly technical law forbids, among other things, exposure of female nipples by any entertainer in a liquor-selling establishment.....
Full Story Here

Orgasms 'at the touch of a button'
The makers of "Slightest Touch" say their device can give women longer, better and more intense orgasms.
They claim their device can trigger an orgasm without touching a woman's genital area. ....
Full Story Here

Female news presenter sacked after wet t-shirt prank
A female news presenter in Ohio has been forced to resign after pictures of her in a wet t-shirt competition turned up on the internet....
Full Story Here

Mayor of polygamist town resigns amid discord
At an early Saturday meeting, Barlow and about 20 other men were ousted from the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, or FLDS, a maverick offshoot of the Mormon church....
Full Story Here

ISU investigation puts hold on Cuffs
Iowa State's Office of Judicial Affairs investigation into Cuffs has resulted in an interim suspension of the group's activities, said the club's president.
Cuffs is a student organization dedicated to educating the campus about bondage and sadomasochism....
Full Story Here

Attorney Challenges Utah's Polygamy Ban
A civil rights attorney challenged Utah's ban on polygamy Monday, citing a Supreme Court ruling that struck down a Texas sodomy law.
The lawsuit says Salt Lake County clerks refused a marriage license to a couple because the man was already married to another woman, who had consented to the additional marriage......
Full Story Here

Man held in online sex scam
Oakley police arrested a man Monday on suspicion of posing online as a woman he knew and inviting men to come to her house to have sex with her, police said.....
Full Story Here

Wanna hear the F-word? Fuhgeddaboutit!
They are among the most familiar words in the English language, short and vigorous terms that tend to emerge in traffic jams, hip-hop songs, schoolyards, pitchers mounds, White House tapes and episodes of The Sopranos.
But if a group of U.S. congressmen have their way, those words will soon be illegal.....
Full Story Here

Bush Plans $1.5 Billion Drive for Promotion of Marriage
Administration officials say they are planning an extensive election-year initiative to promote marriage, especially among low-income couples, and they are weighing whether President Bush should promote the plan next week in his State of the Union address.....
Full Story Here

Cybersex and college students
According to a book titled, “Sex on campus: The naked truth about the real sex lives of college students” by Elliot and Brantley in 1997, only 45 percent of college students have safe sex every time and 76 percent of college students reported engaging in intercourse with a partner who was under the influence of drugs or alcohol - and in many cases not protecting themselves.....
Full Story Here

Homophobia persists at Island schools
A statewide report released Monday shows Alameda isn't unique. According to the report, 200,000 California students who are gay, lesbian or bisexual -- or simply are perceived as such -- are taunted, bullied, beaten up or verbally abused on school grounds each year. .....
Full Story Here

Just the bare necessities needed for laid-back life
WHEN Brian first visited a nudist resort he needed a bottle of schnapps just to get his gear off.
A few years on, stripping down is second nature.....
Full Story Here

For five years, an agency of the City of Phoenix has been raiding and harassing swingers’ clubs under a local ordinance that makes it a crime to “operate a live sex act business.” Recently, a gay men’s bathhouse was also raided under that ordinance. These actions fly directly in the face of the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling, in Lawrence v. Texas, that governments cannot take action against private sexual expression solely to impose moral views on its citizens. This ordinance has no legitimate justification. Moreover, its enforcement has discriminatively targeted sexual minorities—swingers, Gay, Lesbian, BDSM, and Transgender clubs—while ignoring businesses (like adult motels) that obviously fall within the terms of this ordinance

VP would back ban on gay marriage
Vice President Dick Cheney, who argued during the 2000 presidential campaign that the issue of gay marriage is best left to the states, said Friday he would support a presidential push to ban same-sex marriage.....
Full Story Here

U. of C. sex study sees love, loneliness
The typical Chicagoan is now single for about half of his or her adult life, a shift that has had a major impact on cultural institutions and the ways people interact, University of Chicago researchers reported Thursday as part of a broad look at sexuality in the city........
Full Story Here

Can you handle the naked truth?
I am so excited. Naked older women are "in" this year, thanks to Diane Keaton and the movie Calendar Girls.......
Full Story Here

Father May Be Charged For Allowing Teen To Have Sex
A Detroit-area father faces criminal sexual conduct charges for allegedly allowing his 15-year-old daughter to have sex with a man, according to police.......
Full Story Here

Driver is arrested over car art
An Indianapolis woman was arrested and her boyfriend's vintage Buick impounded because an image of a naked exotic dancer painted on it was visible to children.
The car's owner said Friday the image is art. Police say it is obscene .......
Full Story Here

America sheds its old hangups
People are opening up to nudity in surprising and liberating new ways. In the arts and in real life, the unclothed human form has moved from its traditional and limiting theme - sex - to embrace subjects as diverse as aging, global politics, economics and social satire.......
Full Story Here

More Young Men Are Turning to 'Mr. Blue'
Hundreds of patients asking Dr. Scott Parry for Viagra at his Virginia-Highland clinic are young, healthy and virile.......
Full Story Here

Urban Coupling Examined in New Survey
"On average, half your life is going to be in this single and dating state, and this is a big change from the 1950s," says Edward Laumann, the project's lead author and an expert in the sociology of sexuality......
Full Story Here

Booksellers Sue to Halt Michigan Porn Law
Booksellers and reading groups sued to stop a law intended to keep pornography from children, saying the law would unconstitutionally restrict access to all publications with explicit content......
Full Story Here

Opinions differ on nude beach
According to a fiscal estimate that accompanies the legislation, the law would cost $43,300 a year and require three additional law enforcement officials to work full time between May and September.
Wisconsin Christians United is a proponent of the bill......
Full Story Here

Head shop
We were in my friend's furnished basement. It was a potluck affair so there was a ton of food. If it weren't for the bin of rubber dildos on the coffee table, you'd swear it was a bridal shower.
Later, looking around at the room full of women eagerly sucking on condom-covered dildos, all I could think was, "Wow, men are so lucky."......
Full Story Here

Response to rising HIV divides gay community
"What guided my decision was that I didn't want to have to place the burden of safe sex entirely on my partner," says Morrison, of Bellevue. "I guess I was worried about his comfort level, and it was obvious he was willing to go on without one." ......
Full Story Here

School district settles bias suit
The $1.1 million settlement of a suit by six gay and lesbian students against the Morgan Hill school district includes a mandatory harassment training program that could become a national model, civil and gay rights groups said Tuesday......
Full Story Here

Man Seeks Christian Nudist Colony
Piles of trash, dirty lakes, racist property deeds and pedophiles living nearby have not deterred one man's dream of creating a Christian-themed nudist community.....
Full Story Here

Virginia Lawmaker Wants Ban On Nudist Camps For Kids
State legislator Jack Reid is authoring a bill to ban nudist summer camps for kids.....
Full Story Here

Burleson community leader in middle of obscenity case
She had been busted in a sting operation for selling sex products during private, in-home get-togethers the way some people sell Tupperware. The officers were part of the Johnson County drug task force, but Webb stands accused of peddling something that some in town considered just as pernicious and something an obscure Texas statute deems "obscene devices.".....
Full Story Here

National Survey Reveals That Gay Consumers Prefer Equality-Minded Companies
According to the most recent national consumer survey by Witeck-Combs Communications and Harris Interactive®, gay, lesbian and bisexual (GLB) individuals consider 'equal treatment' of gay employees in the workplace as the third or fourth most compelling reason (depending on the product) to favor one company over another when making purchase decisions.....
Full Story Here

Candidates avoid stance on gay marriage
"The president would prefer not to have to talk about this at all".....
Full Story Here

Portsmouth Won't License Homosexual Unions
Same-sex couples can marry at a Portsmouth church -- but their unions won't be recognized by City Hall.....
Full Story Here

The Year in Sex
2003 was a year of bizarre sex accidents, governmental clusterfucks, truly watershed moments in sexual history and a seemingly endless series of castration-revenge stories in Malaysia. Nerve brought it all to you, every Friday in our column The Weekend Review. Test yourself with this quiz, drawn from our favorite news stories from the past year. We'll calculate your score, then show you how you measure up to other Nerve readers — and the legends who went before us this year (see "Which Dead Sexual Icon Are You?" at end of quiz....
Take the Quiz here

Gay issues could impact ’04 elections
General Assembly, U.S. House seats up for grabs in November elections in which marriage equality may surface, activists say....
Full Story Here

Researchers: Pill Stops Spread of Herpes
"For the first time, we were able to interrupt the transmission of viral disease," said Dr. Lawrence Corey, head of both the infectious diseases program at Seattle's Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and the virology program at the University of Washington.....
Full Story Here

Student aims to bring gay fraternity to Cal
Next semester, he wants to change that, building up enough interest via his role as the campus' designated "queer advocate" to start a chapter of Delta Lambda Phi, the national fraternal organization made up mainly of gay or bisexual men.....
Full Story Here

365 days of sensational sex
Here's a New Year's resolution for you: Make sex with your significant other a top priority in your life. Protect your intimate relationship as if your life depends on it, because sex is one of the pillars of a happy, healthy life.....
Full Story Here

Study Absolves Men in Yeast Infections
When women get yeast infections, men often get the blame. Males aren't immune to pesky species of fungus, and some experts assume they unknowingly transmit the disease to their wives and girlfriends.....
Full Story Here

CDC: La. Has Worst Gonorrhea Rate in U.S.
For the second year in a row, Louisiana has the nation's worst gonorrhea rate, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.....
Full Story Here

Appeals court dresses down lawsuit targeting Barbie lampooner
A Utah artist who photographed Barbie dolls posed naked in a blender, wrapped in a tortilla and sizzling on a wok did not violate Mattel Inc.'s copyright to the cultural icon, a federal appeals court has ruled.....
Full Story Here

Facial Analysis
We have seen the zeitgeist, and we need a Handi-Wipe. From the proliferation of bukkake websites to those priapic Svedka ads (it's vodka! it's ejaculate! it's vodka and ejaculate!) to Jenna Jameson looming over Times Square, pop culture is — if not exactly come-covered — perpetually almostthere. Ashkan Sahihi, a 40-year-old New York photographer, wittily twists this commercial ubiquity in his latest series. Male and female models are seated in front of a Sears portrait backdrop. Their expressions are ordinary; their faces are covered with what is apparently semen. Shock valuism, for sure, but what's interesting about these images is their banality: it's the faces, not the fluid, that you remember. Sahihi, who is married with two young children, spoke with Nerve about the mechanics of the shoot and his post-orgasmic guilt....
Full Story Here

Church drafts gay marriage license
To promote the legalization of same-sex marriages, the pastors at South Church plan to sign marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples they wed, such as those signed for straight couples, and mail them to City Hall for approval....
Full Story Here

Sexual revolution or not
Today, sex is everywhere. If afternoon talk shows are any indication, modern women are determined to be multi-orgasmic. Viagra sales are up, membership in swingers' clubs is increasing and sex-toy stores, targeting mainstream consumers, are popping up across the country.....
Full Story Here

Viagra Effective for Some Women
Compared with women who took an inactive pill, or placebo, those who received Viagra reported "substantial positive effects on sexual function," although women who had also had less sexual desire had no significant benefits.....
Full Story Here

Keep marriage out of Constitution
The Constitution was amended once to force Americans to conform to an idealistic vision of individual morality when, in 1919, the sale of liquor was banned. The demand for permanent sobriety was so unrealistic that the law was widely defied . Mercifully, the amendment was repealed after 14 years.....
Full Story Here

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