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Putting Lawrence vs. Texas Into Perspective
The Supreme Court did not in any way endorse homosexuality or gay sex. The decision does not elevate gay couples to the legal status of married couples. In fact, the issue of marriage was never a part of this case. The Court's ruling does not promote the idea of gay marriage nor does it chastise any individual, group or church for opposing gay behavior or homosexual activism.........
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1st public gay high school set for NY
New York City is creating the nation’s first public high school for gays, bisexuals and transgender students.........
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Toyboys are better in bed, say British women
Almost two-thirds of those who had flings with younger men say they are better in bed, according to a poll........
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Windsor swingers club to test law
The organizer behind a dwarf-tossing contest that prompted an angry politician to attempt an 11th-hour bid to stop the show is publicizing a new bar sure to rankle some: a swingers club. ........
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Stripped-down bikers say it's all about freedom
That was the unspoken motto of the fledgling North American Nude Bikers club, whose first rally was this weekend at the Rock Haven Lodge Family Nudist Park just outside Murfreesboro, in southeast Rutherford County.........
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Texas Mural of Nude Eve Draws Criticism
Police gave gallery owner Wes Miller until Aug. 20 to change the wall mural, saying it violated state law against distributing "harmful material" to a minor. Otherwise, Miller will face criminal charges.......
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Cops crash sex party
South County’s latest couple-swapping swingers club - The Arena located in unincorporated Morgan Hill - will likely be forced to close its doors by September, a county zoning investigator said today.......
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Nation's first gay-oriented wine launched
Rainbow Ridge Wines, founded in Nevada, is marketing its wine to the gay and lesbian market, estimated to have buying power in the billions of dollars........
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San Mateo County to give benefits to partners
Gov. Gray Davis signed a bill Wednesday that will let San Mateo County offer retirement benefits to the surviving domestic partners of county employees......
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Post Publishes Gay Marriage Announcement
It wasn't the typical bride and groom photo in The Washington Post ``Weddings'' section--but rather the smiling faces of two women, happily announcing their marriage after 18 years together.......
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Can A Married Woman Commit Adultery With a Lesbian?
The New Hampshire Supreme Court is focusing on gay adultery. The question before the court is whether a partner in an opposite sex marriage has committed adultery by having gay or lesbian sex........
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Hooking up or just hanging out?
New round of online social sites more like a party than dating service ........
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The swing's their thing
When David Muller retired, he wanted to dedicate more time to his loving wife, Ruthie, in their Rosedale home, having sex. Not only with her — but with other couples, too......
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State Supreme Court hears arguments on gay adultery
The New Hampshire Supreme Court has heard arguments on whether or not gay extramarital sex should count as adultery. It may be months before the court makes a decision on arguments they heard Wednesday....
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Sex clubs elude county
The social club located in the Commercial Center strip mall boasts plush surroundings and beds where couples can get intimate. For varying entrance fees, patrons can wander nude or clothed, engage in sex or just observe others engaging in sex.......
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Former Homosexual Says 'No one is born gay'
Stephen Bennett is a former homosexual, who lived the "gay" lifestyle for 11 years. Today he's married and has two young children. He's also a born-again Christian who has a ministry to men and women who want to be set free from homosexuality. Whenever he's invited to appear on television news programs, though, Stephen says most won't let him tell his story truthfully. And they won't let him say that he's a former homosexual.......
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Roe vs. Wade vs. Prelutsky
Sometimes, I get the idea that I'm the only person in America who can clearly see both sides of the abortion issue. Or, to put it another way, I think the zealots on both sides of the controversy should be hosed down until they come to their senses........
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Say "I DO" to marriage equality!
With legal marriage now available to gay and lesbian couples in Ontario and British Columbia — and potentially in Massachusetts too — this is the time for every American who believes in civil rights and marriage equality to speak up........
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Homosexuality Issue Threatens to Break Anglicanism in Two
The election last month of an openly gay bishop in the Episcopal diocese of New Hampshire is now threatening to crack open the long-existing fault line over homosexuality in the worldwide Anglican Communion.......
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Dismayed by U.S. policies, some Americans contemplating move to Canada
For all they share economically and culturally, Canada and the United States are increasingly at odds on basic social policies - to the point that at least a few discontented Americans are planning to move north and try their neighbours' way of life........
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Broadcaster Pat Robertson calls for retirement of justices
Religious broadcaster Pat Robertson urged his nationwide audience to pray for God to remove three justices from the Supreme Court so they could be replaced by conservatives........
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Lawrence ruling was for all, not just gays!
Lawrence was a decisive victory for heterosexuals. This little fact has been overlooked in all of the rejoicing or hand-wringing. But the court went much further than simply saying that Texas was wrong in singling out gay men for “sodomy”; the five justices ruled that laws against any form of sodomy between consenting adults was invalid........
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Internet chat increases infidelity: Study
Internet chat rooms are fast emerging as courting grounds for people looking for romantic or sexual thrills........
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Supreme Court Turns Public Places Into Sex Clubs
Lily-livered bureaucrats are under the impression that the Supreme Court's recent ruling on Lawrence vs. Texas means that sodomy in public places is as American as apple pie.........
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You gotta lick before you stick
Why do gay guys give good head? Because they have a cock and they know what feels good! - It's an old joke that is often used by gay guys to get straight boys into bed, and it's amazing how often it actually works........
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Owensville Residents Outraged Over Swinger's Club
"We basically feel that it's not something we want in our community," says Thompson. "We don't want anything to upset our image as a nice, clean, little town."........
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Understanding the female orgasm
sex therapist Al Cooper, Ph.D., the clinical director of the San Jose Marital and Sexuality Centre, offers advice to a reader who wants to help his partner have better orgasms.........
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This topic is not normally discussed in sex-education literature or in health classes, and probably not among most heterosexual male friends. However, in reality, it's more common than most straight guys care to admit.......
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Abolish Marriage
Let's really get the government out of our bedrooms........
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Being gay and married?
Most of the Democrats running for the White House said yesterday that gay couples should have the same rights as husbands and wives. But the leading candidates stopped short of supporting homosexuals' right to marry.........
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Lawmakers rally to block gay marriage ban
A group of House lawmakers is rallying opposition to a proposed constitutional amendment banning gay marriages -- and they're using Vice President Dick Cheney's own words to make their point.......
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Masturbation 'may prevent cancer'
WHO cares if you go blind? An Australian study has found that frequent masturbation may protect men against prostate cancer in later life........
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Abstinence programs receive federal grants
CDC Director Julie Gerberding, who oversees the agency's battles against SARS, AIDS and other high-profile diseases, took time Monday to visit a religious group's small Decatur office to highlight government grants to promote sexual abstinence among teenagers.....
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Gay couple sues to overturn marriage ban
Two Phoenix men have sued for permission to marry, saying the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling on the right of gays to privacy guarantees them other rights now reserved for heterosexuals.....
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Funding for Sex-Habits Studies to Proceed
Do you want your taxes to pay for controversial sex studies? Neither do 210 congressmen, but their votes still weren't enough to stop the funding.....
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PlanetOut, in the money
After watching so many other "can't miss" Internet ideas crash and burn, he's loath to claim immunity from the business cycle. Still, he believes the company's network of sites represent undeniable proof that a targeted online media business can still survive--and thrive--on the Internet.....
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Nudism becoming big biz
According to Hawkins, annual revenue associated with nude travel, nude resorts and other places where the only thing worn is sunscreen jumped from $120 million in 1992 to $400 million last year......
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Placing my first Swingers Ad
So I've always loved swinger porn. I think it's because they're accessible. The walking plastic experiments never did it for me; I mean, I look at them in the same sense that I view the top of Mount Everest. Yeah, that's cool. I'll never get there, though......
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Are there any conservatives who still believe that the gay-marriage battle can--or even should--be won?
Barring some unforeseen event, the supreme court of Massachusetts will declare homosexual marriage legal this week. The nation's legal machinery will then crank up, as other states try to decide whether they should (or must) also recognize these marriages. .....
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Flynt restocking Ohio store with Videos inspite of court order!
did not review any of these "films," but even a quick glance at the covers would lead any reasonable adult to surmise that they violate a May 12, 1999, Hamilton County court order in which Larry and Jimmy Flynt, their Hustler store and their lawyers, all agreed "to remove immediately, all existing videos from Hustler News & Gifts ... and will not in the future disseminate, or cause to be disseminated, any sexually explicit videos in Hamilton County, Ohio." ........
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Jerry Falwell- Homosexual Marriage, the Bible and You
In I Corinthians chapter 7, the Apostle Paul set forth a strategy for effective marriage. "... let every man have his own wife, and let every woman have her own husband," he wrote in verse 2.......
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High court ruling makes N.C. ban unconstitutional
Mecklenburg District Judge Nate Proctor threw out two cases against the defendant, saying the state's law barring anal or oral sex for anyone except married couples was invalidated by a Supreme Court ruling last month that overturned the Texas sodomy law.........
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What do women really want in bed?
Why is it still so hard for women, basking in the glow of so many feminist advances, to be more honest about sex? To say such simple things to their sexual partners as: "No, I didn't have an orgasm." Or, "I find it incredibly monotonous when you make love to me, and sometimes it hurts." ........
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"Pretty Penis" runs for New Jersey State Senate!
Jim Morrison is hardly the conventional political candidate. The 32-year-old Democrat is running for the New Jersey State Senate in a rural conservative district against a long-time Republican incumbent. Morrison is gay, liberal and a political novice. He’s given to such frank assertions of his thoughts that one wonders if anything is ever held back. And, oh yes, there’s the “pretty penis contest” he entered—not once, but twice—while in law school in New York.......
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Sex zone limit now up to cities
In a unanimous vote Thursday night, and without any opposition from the public, the Kenton County Municipal Planning and Zoning Commission gave its seal of approval to a moratorium on creating sexually oriented business zones.......
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The Power of a Good Blowjob
The blowjob is the ultimate act of sexual dominance and submission. Forget bondage, ball gags, and buttfucking—sucking cock is pure power exchange.........
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Stripping, Men it is art, women are strippers?
And I thought I had a fun job. Misty Lowery gets to walk up to hot-looking men on the street and ask them to take their clothes off for her. And guess what? They usually do it.........
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Americans must preserve institution of marriage
The majority of Supreme Court justices may not be willing to admit it, but everyone else seems eager to acknowledge that the greatest near-term consequence of the Lawrence v. Texas anti-sodomy ruling could be the legalization of homosexual marriage.......
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Domestic partners get property tax parity
Registered domestic partners will get the same tax benefits as married couples who transfer property, under tax rule changes adopted Wednesday by the California Board of Equalization........
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Gay Democrats warn party on marriage ban
After a unanimous vote from its board, the National Stonewall Democrats (NSD), the national organization of GLBT Democrats, announced on Wednesday it will deny support to anyone in Congress who signs on to the proposed federal marriage amendment........
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Gay Man, Citing Supreme Court Ruling, Fights '97 Army Discharge
Mr. Loomis was discharged just one week shy of the 20-year career mark that would have entitled him to full retirement benefits after his home was burned and a firefighter found a videotape of him engaging in sex with other men. ........
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Man Claims Right To Videotape Couples Having Sex In Park
A Greenwich man who was arrested on charges that he videotaped couples having sex in a Greenwich park claims he has a right to videotape because he was in a public place........
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Critics say Supreme Court's sodomy ruling spells end for laws based on morality
Where can legislatures turn to justify laws that were once understood to rest purely on moral principles? What kinds of activities - if any - can still be legally restricted just because most of us believe they're wrong?.........
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Suit: School required pregnancy tests
School administrators forced several eighth-graders to be tested for pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases after they skipped school to attend a party where some students reportedly had sex, according to a lawsuit filed Tuesday..........
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Nevada Grants Limited Same-Sex Partner Rights
The legislation was passed unanimously by the legislature. It guarantees the partners of gays and lesbians visitation rights in hospitals, and allows them to make decisions regarding their partners' funerals, but little else..........
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The trouble with censorship is we are two-faced about it
Censorship always seems to bring out hypocrisy in public discourse, and not just from the would-be censors. If anything, the film buffs are the worst hypocrites of the lot. They claim the right of adults to see anything legal depicted on film or conveyed by other media. Fair enough. But almost in the same breath they express support for censorship in virtually all matters other than sex........
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Get real, women!
See them back-stab! Watch them start catfights! Listen as they poke at each other's insecurities! Gawk as they primp endlessly, go gold digging and subject themselves to public humiliation........
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Wal-Mart, Focus on the Family Spar Over Homosexuality
One of the country's largest pro-family ministries is taking the nation's largest retailer to task for equating homosexuality with immutable characteristics such as race and gender.......
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Teens give adults poor marks
If teenagers brought home a report card like this, television and telephone privileges would have been taken away........
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One of eight buy sex
While some only does it once, some become notoriously addicted. 13 percent of all Norwegian men buy sex........
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Gay Rights Gain in California
Weeks before the Supreme Court struck down a Texas law against sodomy, gays and lesbians were already making unprecedented headway toward complete legal equality in California........
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County passes same-sex benefits policy
Following the lead of other metro governments, The Fulton County Board of Commissioners in a 4-2 vote has granted its employees who are same-sex couples the same medical insurance benefits as married couples as long as they fill out a "committed relationship” form........
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Lesbian Couple Uses Supreme Court Ruling To Fight Adoption Ban
A Salt Lake lesbian couple plans to challenge the state's ban on cohabitating couples from adopting each other's children using the Supreme Court's ruling that ensures gays and lesbians Due Process and Equal Protection under the Constitution........
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Baptism Of Lesbian Couple's Child Divides Community
dispute over the baptism of a lesbian couple's son has divided a Lutheran church and prompted the departure of members on both sides of the issue........
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Same-sex marriage critics launch appeal
Accusing Ottawa of abdicating its leadership role by deciding not to appeal an Ontario court decision allowing same-sex marriage, a coalition of family-rights groups plan to launch their own appeal with the Supreme Court........
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Sex in private clubs tolerable, judge says, but not orgies
Brigitte Chesnel runs two Montreal swingers clubs with her father. They were found guilty yesterday of operating a common bawdy house because the judge concluded the open sexual activity at the club was not swinging, but an orgy........
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With the give-and-take of that time flow, it is time for a HETEROSEXUAL DAY annually or semi-annually or monthly or weekly or whatever is most convenient. The purpose is this: If homosexuals can make such a deal over their sexual preference, why can't the heterosexuals make a big deal over theirs?.........
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To Have and to Hold, Till Sex Do Us Part
A stressed-out woman may retreat from intimacy, feel bad about not making her husband happy, distract herself with pets and projects or resent what he wants and what he’s not doing for her.........
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Sex in the suburbs
What do swingers wear? It’s 7pm on a Saturday evening and my bed is strewn with clothes. It’s my first swingers’ party and I want to get the tone right........
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Riled by court ruling, gay rights foes vow state-by-state fight
Spurred by the Supreme Court's landmark ruling decriminalizing gay sexual conduct, both sides in the debate over gay rights are vowing an intense state-by-state fight over deeply polarizing questions, foremost among them if gays should be allowed to marry.........
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A Wedge Is Born: Gay Marriage and 2004
SO LOG CABIN LEADERS were shocked when Frist declared last week that he “absolutely” supported a constitutional amendment to define marriage as a union between man and woman..........
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Scalia's dissent on Lawrence v. Texas based on bigotry, not logic
Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia reminds me of my late grandfather, a well-meaning blustery old man who tended to spout off offensively ignorant and bigoted remarks without realizing what he was saying.........
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"Polygamy is the next civil-rights battle."
That's the new battle cry of proponents of "Christian polygamy" who say their lifestyle is one step closer to being accepted after the Supreme Court's controversial decision last week invalidating state sodomy laws........
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Porn has gone mainstream.
Today’s adult-film stars are writing books, making movie cameos and hitting prime time. When did America get so comfortable with hardcore? ........
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Sodomy is now the law of the land, but like other precious freedoms it could be lost unless we citizens make the most of it. That's why I'm declaring an Era of National Sodomy (ENS). All patriotic Americans are hereby urged to track down a consenting adult of the same or opposite sex and shout out: "Hey! How about you and me hooking up for some newly-legalized oral and/or anal intercourse?" It is your patriotic duty to drop by your local high school nurse's office, pick up some free condoms, and start sodomizing for America!........
Full Story Here

Better lock the door
So here's a tip for anyone who wants to try a more innovative sex act without the police popping in: Lock the door. I don't know what these cases cost the government and the plaintiffs in court time and attorneys, but I do know you can get a deadbolt lock for $7........
Full Story Here

Sex clubs symptom of deeper problems
Our children are exposed to so much of these through music, television, movies and the Internet - and at such a young age - that it takes more and more of everything to satisfy them as they get older.......
Full Story Here

The gays have won. The problem is no one will admit it
“You might remember me as Peter when we left Yale.” A transgendered woman, introducing herself to President Bush at a Yale class reunion hosted by the White House ....
Full Story Here

Get Busy. Get Equal.
I cried when I read the Supreme Court's decision in the Texas sodomy case. Not because the highest court in the country finally recognized that gay relationships are valid. I cried because gays and lesbians may finally believe it themselves....
Full Story Here

Teens Suffer Because of Early Sexual Activity
Kids who begin having sex when they're teens are more likely to experience sexually transmitted disease's, pregnancy, abortion, and devastating emotional problems......
Full Story Here

Bush: Gay marriage ban not needed
President Bush said Wednesday that a constitutional ban on gay marriage that has been proposed in the House might not be needed despite a Supreme Court decision that some conservatives think opens the door to legalizing same-sex marriages......
Full Story Here

Couple ordered to stop squealing and groaning during sex
An Italian couple have been ordered to make love more quietly after the woman's screams of ecstasy provoked complaints from neighbours.......
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Wal-Mart extends job rights to gays
Wal-Mart Stores has decided to revise its workplace anti-discrimination policy to include gay and lesbian employees.......
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New shaver helps women shape up
A survey of 500 women commissioned by the company found 36% had trimmed their hair into a specific design.......
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Sodomy Will Always Be Criminal Under The Uniform Code of Military Justice
Historian Polybius attributed the fall of ancient Rome to pedophilia progressed from rampant homosexuality among aristocrats. During the reign of Justinian, homosexuality and bestiality were acceptable as Roman entertainment.......
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