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It’s time for a wake up call folks. If you value your lifestyle you have to get involved........

Critics warn Davis not to sign bill on domestic-partner rights
The group’s founder and executive director, Randy Thomasson, says the bill is a thinly veiled attempt by state legislators to legalize gay marriage, something he says Californians don’t want. .......
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Senate majority leader says high court overreached in striking down Texas law
SEN. BILL FRIST, R-Tenn., said the Supreme Court’s decision last week on gay sex threatens to make the American home a place where criminality is condoned .......
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Law Office by day, Swingers club by night!
Authorities in Lyons say a legal office was just a front for a sex club that advertised on the Internet. Inside the building, police found a bar, beds and sex toys. .......
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Court overturns Texas sodomy law
In a major victory for gay rights advocates, the U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday struck down a Texas statute that bans gay couples — but not heterosexuals — from engaging in sodomy, ruling that the law was an unconstitutional violation of privacy........
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Gay marriage foe says court ruling will spur national ban
Nevada opponents of same-sex marriage said a U.S. Supreme Court ruling that struck down a Texas sodomy law will invigorate a national move for a constitutional ban against gay unions.......
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Avowed virgins target Strip porn scene
Dozens of teenagers who have taken vows of virginity will descend on the Strip tonight, passing out "good girl cards" in an effort to teach Sin City tourists and locals about abstinence.........
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Barbie teaches Sex Ed?
didn't have a Ken doll so my Barbies had to do each other. (Hey, who says Barbie dolls are a bad influence on little girls? They opened my young mind to lesbianism!)........
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Women Don't Consider Lap Dances As Cheating
83 percent of American women don't think lap dances count as sexual contact.........
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Like Every Other Couple
Yes, gay men are having more sex than you are. But if it makes you feel any better, lesbians are probably not........
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A win for unmarried couples
Breaking new ground, the New Mexico Supreme Court has unanimously ruled that a claim for the loss of companionship of a partner is not limited to married couples........
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Recognizing domestic partners
Bill would give benefits to mates of federal workers.......
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Like it or not, gays are gaining victory
The gays have won. The problem is no one will admit it.......
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Supreme Court Upholds Internet Filters
The U.S. Supreme Court today upheld a law that requires public libraries to put anti-pornography Internet filters on their computers, or lose federal funding......
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Tory by day, orgy planner by night
A SENIOR strategist of the opposition Conservative Party has revealed that he leads a double life as Britain's foremost organiser of upmarket sex parties......
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Nude Family Values
Looking for a healthy escape, more parents join nudist camps. But are they any place for kids?.....
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We’re Not In the Mood
For married couples with kids and busy jobs, sex just isn’t what it used to be. How stress causes strife in the bedroom—and beyond.....
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U.S. court battles over gay marriage expected to intensify
They predict litigation will spread to other states, and the end result -- perhaps after years of lawsuits and legislative battles -- will be legalized gay marriage nationwide.....
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City sues gentleman's club over alleged 'lust parties'
The city of Pasadena is suing Pleasures Gentleman's Cabaret, seeking to revoke the club's operating permit after it was the site of sex parties that allegedly violated city laws.....
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Nude summer youth camps alarm lawmaker
Youth camps in the buff are "good old-fashioned naked fun," a leader of nudists says. A lawmaker from Florida considers them something else......
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Letter opposing gay marriage elicits both fury and support
A strongly worded letter sent out last month by Roman Catholic bishops to Catholics statewide, outlining their objections to same-sex marriage, evoked equally strong emotions in Catholics here.....
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In Your Dreams! -- Unconscious Female Orgasms
We all know men have wet dreams, but William Masters' textbook, Human Sexuality, states that women can have them, too......
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Americans going to Canada for gay marriages
Some American couples are heading across the Canadian border -- to take advantage of Ontario's legalization of same-sex marriages.....
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Lap-dancing ban concept wins council approval
The Los Angeles City Council moved a step closer Wednesday to a ban on lap dancing, as demurely dressed strippers opposed to the measure clashed in public with civic leaders who favor it......
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Erotica goes mainstream
When Erotica LA holds its annual convention this weekend, it will offer special programs to couples and women.....
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Swing shift down under
the partner-swapping scene is far from flat. In fact, it is booming in Melbourne where about 15 swinging parties are thrown most weekends, .....
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Cheating Women Catching Up with Men?
The modern Western woman is now almost as likely to cheat on her partner as a man, according to a new survey .....
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Guys Only Do It One Way, Girls Swing Both Ways?
As with previous research, the researchers found that men responded consistent with their sexual orientations. In contrast, both homosexual and heterosexual women showed a bisexual pattern of psychological as well as genital arousal." .....
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Southern Baptists start gay initiative
The Southern Baptist Convention announced a new initiative Tuesday to convince gays that they can become heterosexual if they accept Jesus Christ as their savior and reject their “sinful, destructive lifestyle.”.....
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Some teenage girls now seeking casual, no-strings-attached sex
The kind of casual, relationship-free sex long viewed as every teenage boy's fantasy is developing a following among some girls, say counselors, researchers and educators......
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Ousted Minister to Fight for Gay Marriage
A Presbyterian minister who was ousted from his post after he continued to marry same-sex couples says he feels obligated to continue fighting to change church policy.......
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Gay Affluence Questioned Using Census 2000 Data
Men in same-sex couples typically earn less than other American married men, according to a newly released Urban Institute analysis of Census 2000 data.......
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Playboy’s bunny now a hot seller
Teenage girls are snatching up the very symbol of a lifestyle that their mothers’ generation derided as sexist and exploitative......
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Sex book banned since the 1800's free online
"My Secret Life", a parade of genitalia, pornographic writing of the most explicit and lascivious kind .. unusual as a surviving piece of hardcore Victorian pornographic writing is now out and free online.....
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Wrigley Chews Over Idea of Viagra Gum
The Wm. Wrigley Jr. Co. has patented a way to make its "Double Your Pleasure" slogan more potent: with chewing gum containing the active ingredient in Viagra........
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Adult businesses in Pasco fight for survival
The notices have gone out, and some Pasco adult business owners are not happy........
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Thousands turn out to show their pride
Thousands of people from across Michigan made their way to the state capitol Saturday to show gay, lesbian and bi-sexual pride.........
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Study Suggests Difference Between Female And Male Sexuality
In contrast to men, both heterosexual and lesbian women tend to become sexually aroused by both male and female erotica, and, thus, have a bisexual arousal pattern.........
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Landmark gay ruling may put Bush in bind
The Supreme Court will decide within the next two weeks one of the most important cases in the history of civil rights for lesbian and gay Americans, reigniting a battle in the Republican Party that President Bush has delicately sought to avoid.......
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U.S. Marriages as Happy Now as 20 Years Ago: Study
Divorce rates are high and "cohabitation" is in vogue, but married couples in the U.S. seem to be as happy as those of 20 years ago, a new study shows..........
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Adult-oriented business under fire
Adams said he had some concerns about the language of the ordinance -- mainly, that it might prevent a restaurant, such as Hooters, from coming to town.........
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The In's and Out's of a great 3-Way!
Last year, I was a guest on a Ricki Lake episode called "Strangers in Our Bed" that tackled, well, talked about, the topic of three-ways.........
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Talking to your kids about sex
A survival guide to help parents stay sane through every stage of their child’s sexual development .........
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Study: Sex Keeps Humans Furless
Sexual selection, they believe, helped us to evolve this feature, with some body hair remaining to enhance pheromone signals, and for other purposes mostly related to mating........
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Dayton introduces domestic partners bill
For the second consecutive year, Dayton is teaming with Rep. Barney Frank, D-Mass., to try to pass the bill, called the Domestic Partnership Benefits and Obligations Act of 2003.......
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Out at the Prom
More gay teens than ever are taking same-sex dates to prom. And instead of sparking controversy, schools are saying, what’s the big deal?.......
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Thou shalt not swap wives
Police arrested three people after raiding an upmarket wife-swapping club in China,.......
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Moratorium on sex zones sought
Municipalities are moving to red-line red-light districts until a regional study can be completed.......
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Court backs same-sex unions
The right to marry should be extended to same-sex couples, Ontario's Appeal Court ruled Tuesday in a decision that effectively deems Canadian law on traditional marriage unconstitutional......
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Lilly to Offer Domestic Partner Benefits
Eli Lilly and Co., targeted along with other drug makers by a gay lobbying group, now plans to offer health insurance and other benefits to unmarried domestic partners of its U.S. employees and retirees........
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After Nice, a Return to Vice
"The new brand we're creating is one of freedom based on sensuality," said Oscar B. Goodman, the mayor of Las Vegas, who is the rare public official with his own liquor endorsement deal. Under Mayor Goodman, the city adopted a new ad campaign that turns on a kind of licentious koan: "What Happens Here, Stays Here."......
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More Than 7,000 Gather for Nude Exhibit
More than 7,000 people gathered at daybreak Sunday and shed their clothes in the morning chill to take part in artist Spencer Tunick's largest work yet......
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Jesus was gay claim
JESUS was gay and so were at least three of his 12 disciples, according to a Melbourne academic.......
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Gay man elected Episcopal bishop
In a national first, New Hampshire Episcopalians on Saturday elected an openly gay man as their next bishop........
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Inn Caters to `Lifestyles' Trade
Business has been in full swing at the hotel in recent months -- but not because of family reunions.......
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Our kids do more than talk about oral sex
According to several national surveys, as many as half of children, from age 13, say they have had oral sex.......
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Effects of drugs and sex
Experiment: To evaluate the effect of five different drugs on my sexual performance.......
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Gay rights makes strides with Alameda tax waiver
The City Council voted 3-2 to exempt legally registered domestic partners, including same-sex couples, from the city's property transfer tax......
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State Assembly OKs spousal rights for same-sex partners
The California Assembly approved sweeping legislation Wednesday that would grant same-sex partners most of the same spousal rights -- and responsibilities -- as married couples.....
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Pro-gay Presbyterian minister faces new charges
Heresy and blasphemy are the latest accusations being made against a Presbyterian minister who was convicted in a church court of violating denomination law by marrying same-sex couples......
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Sex bias policy is unconstitutional
A Montana university system policy denying health insurance coverage to employees' same-sex partners is an attack on homosexuality that should be outlawed as unconstitutional discrimination......
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Nevada brothel offers free sex to returning troops
Thirteen men and three women in uniform have shown up so far to claim their gifts.......
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Speaking of sex - Communication starts outside the bedroom
If you want to have the best possible sex, you've got to be able to say a little bit......
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Oral sex is better?
Oral sex is incredibly intimate, more so perhaps than "regular" sex......
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Hooters proud of its 'tacky' success
The reason is simple: Sex sells, said M. Eric Johnson, a marketing and economics professor at Dartmouth College in Hanover, N.H.......
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Nudists to hold nude picnic in Hyde Park
Nudists will be hoping to top up their all over tans in Britain's mini heatwave when they celebrate national Naturists Day......
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Are Campus Pornography Courses Sexual Abuse
More and more campuses are offering “academic” courses on pornography, in which boys and girls must jointly watch X-rated films, view Internet porn and visit sex shops......
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Slap leather, S&M lovers: 'Thunder' to peal soon
For three days in mid-July, up to 1,000 people from across the country will gather at the Holiday Inn-Denver International Airport to learn, practice and enjoy bondage, dominance and sadomasochistic sex.......
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