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Is the evolving of swinging really for the better?

The Past:

Swingers: People who participate in recreational sex between consenting adults.

Swinging started out as Key parties, Orgies, Group sex parties and swapping of significant others in the era of free love.

The only emotions involved where of pleasure and sexual experimentation to heighten ones pleasures and to provide some variety in one’s life.

You did not play to make life long relationships, strangers were your friends whether you knew their names or not. Swinging involved everyone, couples, single men and women from all walks of life. The divorce rates were lower then the so called normal society since no one was looking for replacements or adding anymore to their relationships then pure physical pleasures.


Swingers: A member of a couple, especially a married couple, who exchanges sexual partners.

Not only has the term of a swinger been redefined, many have changed the title to “Lifestylers” and even others want to find new and different terms to define what they proclaim to be swinging.

Many but not all couples feel that you must be in a committed couple relationship to be a “swinger” of today’s world.

Today many couples want more then just the sex. They look to add committed friend relationships to their own relationship. They meet for dinners, family bar-b-q’s, dances and conventions that bring people of like mind together. They look for deep emotions to become involved in these relationships.

Many couples only want other couples to share their sexual pleasures with each other. Finding four people that agree that they all like each other enough to share their self with is close to impossible but many strive for just that.

There is the acceptance of single Bi-women in the lifestyle but a great exclusion of single men. Could this be because of the great male fantasy of being with two women or watching two women together but the fear of sharing ones wife with a single male?

Many people that are in the Lifestyle today do not even have sex with other people outside of their own relationship. They are there for the charge, the excitement of watching others have sex with their own or others spouses or to have others watch them having sex with their own spouse. Are these people just exhibitions and voyeurs calling their self’s swingers just to find an outlet for their desires?

With all these new desires to add more then just sex to the Lifestyle that for centuries was about no more then physical pleasures taking Swinging in the right direction?

With the emotional attachments that seem to be the norm today in the lifestyle comes more drama and strife in many relationships. Many couples seem to keep score with their physical activity. She got to play last time out but he didn’t so they have to find him a woman now to even the score. Finding four people that like each other well enough to keep things even at all times.

In today’s Lifestyle there seems to be much more tension and break up’s then in the past.

The women are in charge in swinging, the way it should be but are they the ones heading us down a dangerous path of adding emotions to something that started out to be nothing more then fun and pleasure?

Is it really the men directing the Lifestyle so that they can have their way without knowing it by many not desiring their ladies to share their self’s with other men?

Is it a fear factor within the men that since women include more emotions in their life that they can not separate the physical from the emotional?

I do not have the answers to all these questions. I have seen that in today’s Lifestyle there are many that seem to be making it much harder then what it was years ago.

I have been told that the Lifestyle has progressed but I am not so sure when something that used to be so simple has become so complicated.

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