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ROBERT McGINLEY, Ph.D.   Founder of The Lifestyle Organization
Dr. McGinley was an aeronautical engineer with a government security clearance when he decided to answer a "swinger's" advertisement. As it happened, the husband of the couple was on active duty with the Air Force and his mail was intercepted by military agents. This lead to an investigation and the subsequent withdrawal of McGinley's clearance. The fact that the loss of a career might result from a legal sex act between consenting adults was the catalyst that started Dr. McGinley on a life long quest to end such unjustifiable acts of discrimination.

The Lifestyles Organization began as a small, informal discussion group that quickly grew to a much larger association of members and regularly scheduled meetings. Then came Club WideWorld, on on-premise Swing Club. The first national conference was held in 1973 and since then the annual gathering has grown into the largest, longest running Lifestyles convention in the world.

Dr. McGinley takes his motto - and shares it with all couples willing to explore their full potential - from author Jack London who wrote: The proper function of Man is to live - not to exist.

Dr. McGinley's column will be published monthly with his views, insights and opinions of todays Lifestyle issues.

      SWINGING, a social-sexual recreation, has been around for quite some time, dating from somewhere around the time of Adam and Eve. As a matter of fact, it appears that sex and interest in sex has been around since about that time as well. This may be a fact that is either unknown to many or they have a firewall in their thinking machine that keeps such naughty information from unduly influencing their thinking.


       Anyway, swinging is a growing social addition to our modern culture. As a matter of fact, it is a developing economic powerhouse, what with all those conventions, parties and dances going on, not to mention resorts that are increasingly catering to couples in “The Lifestyle. Why, the Jamaican resort giant SuperClubs could hardly exist without the thousands of couples who book Hedonism II, Hedonism III and Grand Lido Braco each year. And shocking of shocks, Desire Resort & Spa a Lifestyles experience is actually dedicated (is dedicated a four-letter word?) to couples in The Lifestyle. In addition, consider all the income the airlines, babysitters, woman clothing stores, taxi cabs, airport parking lots and gosh knows how many others, take in from all these decadent swinging couples.

      By the way, note that that Desire Resort tag line, - a Lifestyles experience, (above) is a registered trademark of LSO, Ltd., AKA The Lifestyles Organization.

      The enlightened officers of the Rock County Sheriff Office, Wisconsin (whoops! Didnt mean to print an oxymoron there, combining enlightened and Rock County Sheriff's Office) visited Club Wildlife to inform them that what they were doing was illegal and demanded that they stop or be prosecuted.

      It seems that Wisconsin Chapter 944 Section 15(2) states that whoever has sexual intercourse in public is guilty of a Class A misdemeanor. Hmmm. Well, just what is considered sex in public? Section 944.15 Fornication. (1) has the answer for us: In this section, in public means in a place where or in a manner such that the person knows or has reason to know that his or  her conduct is observable by or in the presence of persons other than then person with whom he or she is having sexual intercourse.

      OH, so that's what this all about, and all the time we thought is was about someone's religious beliefs!

      Oh yes, one upright citizen complained that he was a Christian and the club was against Christian principal. Thank goodness he doesnt wear a turban!

      Reading more of Chapter 944 we learn that Wisconsin is not among modern states but as regards sex is firmly entrenched in the Dark Ages. The text goes on about adultery, sexual gratification, obscenity and other favorite subjects of the Right Wing Religious crowd.

But wait, there is more!

      So as to not be behind in outrage, possibly excepting the Moslem murder and destruction over a few cartoons, the proud city of Indianapolis decided to move against the long established club Top Side II, citing zoning ordinances. Never mind that the club has operated without incident for a good many years, and any prohibited activity is behind closed doors and consensual. Might we add, adults onlyas well?

Has anybody read the constitution of late?

    This is subject matter for Saturday Nite Live, laughable, unreal except that it is serious.

Commentary by Robert McGinley, Ph.D


Reprinted with permission by Robert McGinley Ph. D

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