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Studies show kids care what parents think about sex

When it comes to adolescents' attitudes toward sex, movies matter. And so does locker-room chatter. But two recent studies also note the influence parents have over their children -- even if it is sometimes indirect....
Full Story Here

Does Body Image Play a Role in Risky Sexual Behavior and Attitudes?

In a recent Penn State study, sexually active male first-year college students who had a positive view of their appearance had a higher likelihood of having multiple sexual partners and engaging in unprotected sex.

However, sexually active female first-year college students who were happy with their looks were less likely to undertake those same risks.........
Full Story Here

Beinging Single at a Swingers Party

Many Swingers Parties today welcome singles but do you end up being the Creepy guy in the corner Jacking off? Check this out, pay attention and have more fun then ever before in your life!........
Full Story Here

Have sex, live longer

Scientists have confounded the long-held tenet that sex is bad for your health. For Zambian mole-rats at least, a bit of the other extends lifespan........
Full Story Here

Rise of raunch culture draws caricatures of desire

Many women today seem to have forgotten that sexual power is only one, very specific, kind of power. And what's more, looking like a stripper or a Playboy bunny is only one, very specific, kind of sexual express........
Full Story Here

Sex in your 70's!

If your children are scandalized [by your dating], let them know what a great boon this is to them. When you have a good companion, you’re much nicer to be around. Your new self-sufficiency relieves much of the pressure on your adult children, who normally have to ask, “Is Mom all right?” “Do I have to spend the holidays with her again?” From a Darwinian perspective, your adult children should expend their energy on their own children … not on you. Suddenly, at Christmas time, you won’t be in their hair. You’ll be off to Costa Rica with your sweetheart.”........
Full Story Here

Evolution of two Bay Street swingers

''What are we doing here?'' the man asks his wife, but they both know the answer. They slip out of their seats, mount the steps and enter their first swingers party........
Full Story Here


Tommy and Leona are having sex on a tree stump in the middle of a Norwegian clearcut. Leona, with a mop of brown dreads and a lip ring, looks dreamily across the demolished forest as Tommy, a little shaggy in nothing but a knit hat, works his magic.......
Full Story Here

50-something men more satisfied with sex lives

Men in their fifties are happier with their sex lives than younger men despite experiencing more problems, a new survey has revealed........
Full Story Here

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