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It’s time for a wake up call folks. If you value your lifestyle you have to get involved........

Gay groups protest church's opposition to same-sex marriage
Gay and lesbian activists protested outside the Holy Cross Cathedral on Sunday, when Massachusetts bishops planned to remind parishioners that the Catholic church opposes same-sex marriages......
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Education and Sex
About 20 percent of U.S. middle-school students, 14 and younger, are having sex, according to a recent study.......
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Vancouver parishes to bless gay unions
Controversial bishop first to formally approve rite, says it is Christian 'duty'........
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Teens aren't more likely to have sex if condoms available
Teenagers at high schools where condoms were available were no more likely to have sex than other teens, a study says.......
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`Boy Meets Boy' first same-sex dating show
Boy Meets Boy, a six-episode series that will premiere in July, also twists reality show conventions by secretly including straight men among the pool of dating prospects.......
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Bill to define marriage tried again in House as 2 states mull cases
A bill to change the U.S. Constitution to clarify that marriage is the union of one man and one woman has been reintroduced in Congress recently.........
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Nudity Proposal To Face Challenge
Several adult-club owners in Tampa are preparing to launch a counteroffensive to derail plans by county commissioners to pass a public antinudity ordinance......
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Same sex 'weddings'
Northamptonshire County Council has announced that it will offer "commitment ceremonies" to couples who do not want to officially marry, or who cannot marry for legal reasons......
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Girls college dumps pronoun 'she'
Students at all-female Smith College in Massachusetts have voted to replace references to "she" and "her" in their constitution with gender-neutral terms.......
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What your bottom says about you
Sharina, a clairvoyant, reads numerology, tarot, feng shui, face, body, palms and now... bottoms........
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High Counselor On Leave After Posing Nude
A popular Tucson High School guidance counselor is on administrative leave, after TUSD officials discovered nude photos for her in Over 50 magazine........
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Nippies: Patch of Freedom
Nipples are no-no’s—but only female nipples. You see, the rosy ducts that deliver nectar to the newborn are shameful and must be hidden from sight—at least according to our government........
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Colo. Town Tries to Tie Up S&M Club
The city has shut down a sex club, known as "The Labyrinth," featuring nudity and bondage, and officials are seeking an injunction to keep it closed.........
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Strip clubs contest Toledo restrictions
A Toledo law set to take effect Tuesday that would ban contact between nude dancers and bar patrons is being challenged in U.S. District Court by a group of strip clubs........
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Board policy rejects info on condoms
The Sweetwater County School District No. 2 board has told Superintendent Jimmy Phelps to make "abstinence only" the approach to sex education at the middle school level........
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Study Finds 1 in 5 Youths Have Sex Before Age 15
About 20 percent of adolescents have had sexual intercourse before their 15th birthday — and one in seven of the sexually experienced 14-year-old girls has been pregnant, according to a report by the National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy.........
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Women pretending to be men
The article was accompanied by a large color photo of one attractive bride-to-be ecstatically smiling while a male stripper with long hair on his head and no hair on his chest rubbed himself on her thigh........
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'Not-tonight' syndrome
How ironic: For some women on the pill a side effect is the lessening of sexual desire.......
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The Real Dilemma Homophobics Face if Anti-sodomy Laws Ruled Unconstitutional
As June approaches, the gay and lesbian community, and their Christian right adversaries, will be prepping for victory or defeat, accordingly, for a possible Supreme Court decision that’ll finally determine the fate of antisodomy laws in America.......
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'Excuse me? I'm only 39!' Change: Midlife offers big market
The morning of my 39th birthday last month didn't start out so well. It was raining, for one, and I woke up with a headache......
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Teens Report Peer Pressure to Have Sex
Waiting to have sex is a nice idea, teenagers say, but they believe hardly anyone does it. Many teens, particularly boys, feel pressure to have sex, and they say drugs and alcohol often lead to sex often without condoms......
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State judge throws out employees' convictions
A state judge Monday set aside the 2-year-old Gloucester Township municipal court convictions of two employees of New Club Fiji......
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Married women are having hotter sex than they are. Far from growing bored with the same partners, they say they are having more fun in the bedroom than ever......
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Quarter divided on bill aimed at public sex
I just don't think people should be having sex on the street. . . . It's a moral thing," said manager Eileen Ballenger, standing before a wall covered with simulated genitalia of assorted shapes and colors.......
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Children's agency funds study of men's sex lives
A federal children's health agency is funding a study of the sex habits of old men.......
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Laws on stripping could be rewritten
North Carolina legislators are considering a new law banning nude dancing after a federal court ruled that the existing one was too broad.....
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Naked travel market is taking off
When Nancy Tiemann reluctantly took her first nude cruise, she figured she could hide in her cabin and read books if her shipmates turned out to be "a bunch of crazy people....
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A church request to evict a man from property in the predominantly polygamous northern Arizona community of Colorado City has shined light on the remote community and the controversial lifestyle of many of its residents......
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Man tries to sell 'annoying' girlfriend on eBay
The description begins: "One annoying twat of a girlfriend" and continues: "Warning - goods are defective!!!......
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Census Data Assesses Same-Sex Couples
Gay and lesbian couples are slightly better educated than married people and earn similar paychecks but aren't as likely to own their homes, according to a study of Census Bureau data released Tuesday.......
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Customers of adult material losing anonymity
It could soon be easier to buy adult videos at your local sex shop than through the Internet......
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Inn's liquor license may be revoked
A Long Beach hotel stands to lose its liquor license after an appellate court panel rejected a challenge to the state's alcohol regulations board brought by a group described as a "swingers club.' .....
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C.A. Rejects Challenge by ‘Swingers’ to Liquor Control Regulations
State regulations that prohibit sexual activity on premises licensed to sell alcoholic beverages apply to conduct by patrons, as well as by licensees and their employees, and are not unconstitutional as applied to a “swing club,” the Court of Appeal for this district has ruled......
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Sex and Body Image Survey
While most men are comfortable with their bodies, most women won’t be happy till they’re as thin as a toothpick.....
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To be or Not To be OUT
Having grown up in an army family in another state, it seemed like the right thing to do. Now she’s in Vermont, training with the Green Mountain Boys, and right in the thick of ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell......
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Slut vs. Stud, the sexual double standard
Since we were born, women have been encouraged to keep their sexual selves private, while men are taught to experiment and vocalize theirs.....
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Labor over Love
Many couples find the demands of work and home leave little time or energy for sex.....
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Rumors and peer pressure
On their face, the stories sound unlikely: Sex in the high school's bathrooms; after-school oral sex parties; middle schoolers having sex in the classroom. But, as anyone who has ever shared an urban legend knows, it only takes a small dose of plausibility to make a viable tale......
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Drown the Porno Devil
We are allowing the devil to vomit all over our children, and we elect political officials who gladly swim in the same puke. We should be doing everything humanly and spiritually possible to drown pornography in its own vomit -- so that word isn't very pretty, but neither is Sodomy in our classrooms!.....
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What is 'sex'? Safe sex: yes or no?
For better or worse, this question was a hot topic -- and covered endlessly in various books, magazines and television shows -- three years ago when, infamously, details of former President Clinton's affair with an intern were revealed to the world......
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Wal-Mart bans some men's magazines
The retail giant has pulled Maxim, Stuff and F-H-M -- saying the magazines are too racy for its customers......
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Naked bouncers reduce violence
A German nightclub says it has doubled its turnover and reduced the level of violence after it started using naked women as bouncers......
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$34 million to the United Nations Fund for Population Activities
Apparently our "abstinence only" president hasn't realized it is a fact of life that people have sex. They are going to do it whether he believes it morally acceptable or not......
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Naked flight makes maiden journey
At cruising altitude, the passengers stripped off, but the captain and crew didn't.....
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Consenting Adults
It might seem odd that one Republican senator is catching holy heck in the national press for condemning homosexuality -- equating it with polygamy -- while another has received almost no notice beyond his home state for remarks that have been heard by some as acceptance of polygamy.......
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Why Condoms?
If you ever needed a good reason to use condoms, This is it!....
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