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Gays Respond: 'I Do,' 'I Might' and 'I Won't'
But if the state issues marriage licenses to gay men and lesbians, Mr. Sullivan and Mr. Barton will not be walking down any aisle. They believe that Mr. Barton's family would disapprove, and they feel marriage would complicate their finances. ......
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British Students Slam Bush's 'Homophobic Rhetoric'
As George W. Bush's state visit to Britain was coming to an end, the president was accused of homophobia by British university students. The National Union of Students condemned Bush for his vocal opposition to same-sex marriage......
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Med Students get naked
Armed with a camera, 120 students - around 90 per cent of whom were medics - took X-rated photos of themselves participating in anything ranging from same sex kissing to personal topiary, group nudity, ‘the ping pong trick’ and outright sex.....
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Gay or straight parents don't sway sexuality
Kids raised by gay parents aren't worse off psychologically or more prone to be gay themselves, a major health group said Monday as it endorsed same-sex marriage.....
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Man At Library Rips Cover Off Gay Magazine, Gets Banned
A library patron who ripped the cover off a gay and lesbian news magazine had his privileges revoked for a month.....
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Homosexuals live dangerously amid hate, discrimination
“Hate is still very persistent,” said Rosanna Flamer-Caldera, co-secretary general of ILGA. “There is this rage against persons whose orientations are different or not acceptable.”....
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Love 'as addictive as cocaine'
According to Dr John Marsden, head of the National Addiction Centre at the Maudsley Hospital in London, when you are attracted to someone your brain releases the drug dopamine, giving the same reaction that taking cocaine or speed would create......
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Can porn really be acceptable?
"The porn gods were definitely smiling on us the day we launched," says Jonno d'Addario, the editor of Fleshbot, a new venture which brands itself as a showcase of "all the porn that digital technology and distribution has made possible"......
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Of course sex is very good for us. Isn't it?
"Fellatio reduces risk of breast cancer." It was hardly surprising last month's CNN health bulletin made news around the world. The story was published in newspapers from Chile to Croatia, reporting that women who swallow semen regularly, once or twice a week, may reduce their risk of breast cancer by up to 40 per cent, according to a North Carolina State University study......
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UK HIV cases up 20% in one year
Of these, 3,305 were heterosexually acquired and 1,691 were among gay and bisexual men.....
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Company takes down controversial billboard near school
Virgin Mobile took down the advertisement - which showed a nude woman covered only with a cell phone - after parents complained....
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Pornography foe arrested on prostitution charge
A vice chairman of a Louisville anti-pornography group was arrested Saturday night on a prostitution charge....
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Student expelled from church school over TV sex show
A student at a church school in Germany has been expelled because of her part-time job on a TV sex show....
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Candidates Stand on Gay Marriage
Where the presidential candidates stand on gay marriage:....
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Parents less likely to talk sex
Many parents are still too embarrassed to talk to their children about sex, leaving it to schools....
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Student fights same-sex dance rule
A straight Big Piney High School student is challenging a school district policy barring lesbian and gay students from bringing same-sex dates to school dances....
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L.A. Rescinds Ban on Lap Dancing
leaders rescinded a ban on lap dances at strip clubs, approving a watered-down version of the law on Friday in an effort to avoid a referendum.....
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Porn In The U.S.A.
You won't read phrases like "adult entertainment" in their annual reports, but American companies like General Motors and the Marriott Corporation have been profiting from the distribution of pornography to a hungry American public that snaps it up to the tune of $10 billion a year...
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FDA Approves Third Pill for Impotence
A third pill to treat impotence was approved for sale in the United States on Friday, intensifying competition in a billion-dollar slice of the drug market....
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Be 'sex positive' and fear no pleasure
Knowing what you want, how you want it and not being afraid to ask are all part of it....
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Same-sex benefits gain ground
In the corporate world, an increasing number of businesses have quietly recognized same-sex unions in their benefits packages. About 200 Fortune 500 companies offer domestic partner benefits to same-sex couples, up from about 160 in June of 2002, according to the Human Rights Campaign, a Washington, D.C.-based advocacy group....
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City Attorney's future undecided
Glendale's legal chief has been accused of violating City policy by attempting to access pornographic Web sites containing pictures of naked celebrities and nudists through the City's computer network.....
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U.S. Syphilis Rate Up for Second Year
The nation's syphilis rate has climbed for the second year in a row, mostly because of an increase in cases among gay and bisexual men, the government said Thursday.....
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Sculpture grounds backdrop for porn: Naked pix end up on Internet
Pictures of a woman in various stages of undress -- some showing her partially covered body and others where she is completely nude -- are posted on an amateur pornography Web site......
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Democrats Embrace Court Ruling on Gay Marriages
Top Democrats, including those who are running for president of the United States, praised the Massachusetts Supreme Court's decision to allow same-sex marriages in the Bay State......
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Museum tries to attract adults with x-rated science
The world's first adult-only science museum opened its doors to the public yesterday with a promise to lift all taboos on the most sensitive issues in science......
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First flush of love not emotional
When you first fall in love, you are not experiencing an emotion, but a motivation or drive, new brain scanning studies have shown......
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VES Video Excites Curiosity
A planned Visual and Environmental Studies (VES) video project on masturbation has aroused a combination of interest and ire after the directors solicited participants over House lists last week.....
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Mass. gay marriage ban overturned
Massachusetts’ highest court ruled Tuesday that same-sex couples are legally entitled to wed under the state constitution, but stopped short of allowing marriage licenses to be issued to the couples who challenged the law. The Supreme Judicial Court’s 4-3 ruling ordered the Legislature to come up with a solution within 180 days.....
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Love drug Viagra under fire
Lawyers in the US are handling dozens of Viagra-led divorce cases, according to a new book, and relationship experts predict the problem will land here soon....
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Club owner guilty of promoting indecency
A Gibson County jury has found a strip club owner guilty of promoting public indecency, a verdict one of his attorneys predicted could affect other clubs across the state.....
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A planning officers’ report says that “consensual sexual encounters” involving up to 12 couples are likely to take place there.....
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Utah To Consider Tougher Ban On Gay Marriage
A Republican state senator is preparing a bill to toughen the state's existing ban on gay marriage.....
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Gen Clark On Gays: Axe 'Don't Ask' Give Civil Unions
Democratic presidential hopeful Wesley Cark says if he were in the White House he would order the military to implement a policy allowing gays to serve in the military, and then press to have Congress approve it.....
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Oh Yes! Sex Can Be Good For You
What would you rather do: Have sex or run 15 minutes on a treadmill?
It turns out, both use up about the same amount of energy -- and when practiced in moderation, doctors say sex can be healthy.....
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Phelps Anti-Gay Statue Thwarted
Casper, Wyoming Saturday removed a Ten Commandments statue from the city park denying homophobic preacher Fred Phelps an opportunity to erect a monument condemning gays......
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Sex-toy parties the new trend
Large groups of screaming women passing dildos between their legs may sound like a scene straight out of a porno movie, but it is actually a sight that is becoming more and more common in suburban homes nationwide....
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Woman defends sex-toys sale
"I have not sold an obscene device; this is a device used to enhance a couple's relationship," said Joanne Webb, 42. Webb, a former fifth-grade teacher, is an executive board member for the Burleson Chamber of Commerce. "We are trying to bring romance back into the relationship."....
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Abortion ad costs teacher job; she sues
Michele Curay-Cramer knew that when she let her name appear in an abortion-rights advertisement in a local newspaper, she might get fired from her teaching job at an all-girls Roman Catholic high school....
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Radio station offers listeners free sex
A Santiago radio show is offering one hour of free sex with a male or female escort in a love motel every night....
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Courses promise to turn shy virgins into red hot lovers
A Dutch company is offering courses to turn shy male virgins into red hot lovers for £2,500....
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Sexual revolution
"People no longer use sex as a yardstick of personal ethics. We have humanized sex"....
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In the Buff -- for Art's Sake
Why are so many so willing to bare it all? Perhaps it's just the love of art. But many of the participants interviewed in an upcoming HBO documentary about Tunick's work say that being part of a naked horde is a communitarian thrill....
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Constant arousal rare but vexing
When Jean Lund, a 51-year-old office manager and mother of three, told her gynecologist the problem, he snickered and said, "You're every man's dream."
"I wanted to punch him," she recalled. "I'm suffering here, and he's laughing, 'Hardy-har-har.' So I looked him in the face and said, 'How would you like to walk around on the verge of orgasm every second?' And he shut up." ....
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What’s so bad about robbing the cradle?
I am wondering what your feelings are concerning an older woman (age 62) having a sexual affair with a younger man (age 27)?....
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Gay Man Sues to Lift Name Ban
A Manhattan paralegal who describes himself as gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender has taken offense to a state decision blocking his request to use the name "Queer Awareness" for an advocacy group for nonheterosexuals....
Full Story Here

Nebraska Judge OKs Same-Sex Ban Lawsuit
The lawsuit says the ban, which was approved by voters in 2000 and added to the Nebraska Constitution the next year, violates the rights of gay and lesbian couples....
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Please don’t judge me
Please don’t judge me because I am choosing to live my life as I feel is the best way for me. I am just a person, a daughter, a granddaughter, a mom, a sister, a niece, a cancer survivor, a non-traditional student, a coach, a best friend and a lesbian parent.....
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Free Iowa State from Bondage
The bottom line is that organizations advancing obscenity, disease, pain, and rottenness in general should not be a fixture of America's higher education system. But for now - having forgotten the things of the spirit - Iowa State University and all of the other campuses that celebrate animalism are in abject bondage to the things of the flesh ......
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'Queer' Definition Changes With the Times
Originally a synonym for "odd" or "unusual," the word evolved into an anti-gay insult in the last century, only to be reclaimed by defiant gay and lesbian activists who chanted: "We're here, we're queer, get used to it."
Now "queer" is sneaking into the mainstream — and taking on a hipster edge as a way to describe any sexual orientation beyond straight ......
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Bare-bones diners at clothes-free cafe
Minutes after the bartender peeled off her top, Rodney Whiddon, 56, took off his shorts and underwear. Tearing a bite out of his chicken sandwich, the tourist from Destin, Fla., announced that he had found paradise.......
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Ogling porn on the Web: It's not just a guy thing
But in recent years, the accessibility, affordability and anonymity of the Internet has made pornography undeniably attractive to millions of women. While some women simply find it exciting, others have battled addictions and other problems......
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Hayward High picks girl to serve as king
Atop the senior class's float is one girl wearing a dress. The other girl -- a pantsuit. Both waving and smiling. One is homecoming queen. The other king.....
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Art student's father fights PBS video
The parent of a Douglas Anderson School for the Arts student is asking the Duval County schools system to review a PBS video that contains nude photographs of children, after the video was shown to students at the school.....
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Oakley Woman Says She Was Set Up in Net Sex Plot
The 29-year-old Oakley woman said someone claiming to be her posted a provocative personal ad on an online dating site. She said she had no idea, until a San Jose man called her this week and claimed that she had stood her up for an appointment for sex at her Oakley home.......
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Lesbians Can't Commit Adultery Court Rules
New Hampshire's Supreme Court ruled Friday that if a married woman has sex with another woman, it is not adultery. ......
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Get PLAY: A public affair--literally
Finding a place to hook up can be a difficult task. When you have a roommate, you can only sexile them so many times until it turns into a fight. And even when you have your own single, sex can get boring in the same bed every night. So horny Wildcats campus-wide have decided that bedroom behavior isn't just for the bedroom anymore. They are literally making sex a public matter.......
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ISU student government funds bondage club
Iowa State University student leaders voted 21-9 Wednesday to grant funds to a student organization that teaches about bondage and other sexual fetishes......
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Male sex hormone easily triggered
Scientists have proved that even the most seemingly innocent chat with a woman can be enough to send male sex hormones soaring.....
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Racism Is Gay
Creating a white standard of beauty through unequal representation is certainly not merely a gay problem, but as a minority group that is itself persecuted, it is unfortunate that the gay community would be responsible for the persecution of other minorities. Even though the hidden racism in the gay community does not result in cross burnings, there are obvious, long lasting, and devastating effects of brainwashed beauty.....
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Ohio town approves recognition for unmarried couples
Voters in the Cleveland suburb of Cleveland Heights have approved a measure that gives recognition to unmarried partners -- both gay and straight....
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Radical Activist U: Oberlin College
Some 800 to 1,000 students typically attended an annual college-sponsored, administration-approved “Safer Sex Night,” an orgy held on campus. The Oberlin Review, the student newspaper, described the scene: “Educational, sexually explicit videos played on TV screens, and students sat in booths in g-strings and halter tops.” Other students, the paper reported, simply go naked. Students can enter something called the “Tent of Consent” to, shall we say, interact sexually.....
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Police raid ends swingers party
Twenty minutes before police raided a South St. Paul sex swingers club, one of the partygoing couples reportedly won the top prize — a sex game — for their Halloween costumes. They were dressed as a police officer and a jailbird.....
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No shirt, no pants? No problem at new Key West restaurant
Minutes after the bartender peeled off her top, Rodney Whiddon took off his shorts and underwear. Tearing a bite out of his chicken sandwich, the 56-year-old tourist from Destin, Fla., announced that he'd found paradise........
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Want to shape up? Get Naked!
How long has it been since you stood naked in front of a mirror? For some that’s a scary thought. For others, it’s more of a lifestyle where wellness is the main course. It’s simple … want to lose weight fast? Get naked! And in the process, become your own weight loss expert.......
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Senator to lead gay group
An openly gay Massachusetts senator will leave her seat to lead the nation's largest lesbian and gay political organization, the Human Rights Campaign......
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Consecration of gay bishop divides parishioners
After a handful of parishioners vehemently objected, more than 40 Episcopal bishops from around the country on Sunday consecrated the denomination's first openly gay bishop, asking God to fill him with the Holy Spirit.....
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Bar's Naked Karaoke Hits Sour Note With Neighbors
The rules of naked karaoke are simple: Amateur singers grab a microphone, sans clothing, and belt out tunes in the buff....
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Thongs in storefront too revealing for City Hall
Mannequins clad in thongs and G-strings might catch corner-eye glances from mallgoers, but they have become the focus of a Homewood councilman's campaign for "high standards and traditional values."...
Full Story Here

Cable television company pulls adult programming!
In exchange for the steamy channels, Casperites will get Eternal Word Television Network, featuring programming from the Catholic Church; BYU TV, with programming from the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints....
Full Story Here

Study Shows TV Can Be Good Sex Educator
Teens can get sex education as well as laughs by watching TV series such as "Friends," according to a new study.....
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California law offers training for foster parents of gays, lesbians
In September, California Gov. Gray Davis, now about to leave office after being recalled by voters, signed into law a bill that requires the state to offer special training to would-be foster parents to help them understand and deal with the needs of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered youths.....
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Internet Infidelity
"I instantly, emotionally connected with him and felt like I was in a relationship with him. I told him constantly that I loved him and that I wanted to be with him," she said.....
Full Story Here

Cops Raid Long Island Sex Club
In one area, officers found men having sex with each other. In another area, they found naked strippers performing sex acts and lap dances in exchange for money. There also was a swingers room, police said, where multiple couples were having sex with several partners.....
Full Story Here

Easy Access Promotes Contraceptive Use in Teens
If birth control is easy to get, such as from a school clinic, more sexually active teens may use contraception.....
Full Story Here

Teen suspended for condom-covered shirt
An Osceola High student was suspended from school on Friday for wearing a T-shirt covered in condoms.....
Full Story Here

Vagina Dialogues: What Women Don't Say
Despite the popularity of the play, "Vagina Monologues," women still shy away from talk about "down there,"....
Full Story Here

Club creates conflict with naked karaoke
The rules of naked karaoke are simple: Amateur singers grab a microphone, sans clothing, and belt out tunes in the buff....
Full Story Here

Hate called 'biggest killer on planet
"Hate is the biggest killer on the planet," said Rudy Simms, executive director of the Iowa Region of the National Conference for Community and Justice. "Hate kills more folks than any disease."....
Full Story Here

Teens More Curious About Sex Than STDs
Teens are more interested in finding out about sexual relationships, such as pain after intercourse and pregnancy, than about contraception and protecting themselves from sexually transmitted infections, a new study suggests......
Full Story Here

Activists Try to Overturn Lap Dance Ban
Opponents of a city ordinance banning lap dancing at strip clubs, bikini bars and adult bookstores are not taking the ban sitting down.
Activists said Monday they have collected more than 106,000 signatures opposing the "no-touch" rule that would require dancers to remain at least six feet from customers......
Full Story Here

Stripping's new side
As a dozen naked women undulate on three stages, Susan Doster fires up a cigar and leans back in one of the leather armchairs in The Cheetah strip club's VIP section. The 48-year-old and a quartet of pals — conservatively dressed professional women in their 30s, 40s and 50s — are in TGIF mode, unwinding over cocktails at the end of the workweek......
Full Story Here

Gay Marriage Bill Ready For Massachusetts Legislature
On the eve of hearings for the most important gay rights legislation in Massachusetts history nearly 150 same-sex couples rallied at the State House......
Full Story Here

Ladies' Men: Great for Sex, But Not for Marriage
New research confirms what romance novelists have known for years: for brief affairs, women tend to prefer a dominating, powerful and promiscuous man......
Full Story Here

450 Women Join Nude Photo Shoot in N.Y.
The women, all volunteers, arrived at about 3 a.m. Sunday, stripped off their clothes and composed their bodies into sculptural shapes and formations meant to imitate streets, buildings and cityscapes.....
Full Story Here

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