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Three faiths cry out for gay tolerance
A British Muslim religious leaders have joined Christian and Jewish leaders for the first time in issuing a plea for tolerance for gay people......
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PMS? Blame your man!
Men, not hormones, may be to blame for premenstrual syndrome (PMS).
University of Western Sydney researchers and Relationships Australia are teaming up to pilot a national study into how relationship problems contribute to PMS, which affects about 90 per cent of women......
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Canadians known to fake orgasms
Nearly half of Canadian lovers fake orgasms -- far more than in most of the world, says a new survey from a condom maker. And a lot of men are among the fakers......
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E.U. to expand rights of same-sex couples
European Union ministers have endorsed a set of rules ensuring same-sex married couples from the Netherlands and Belgium are recognized throughout the union......
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Toledo city hall wants to know more about Swing Club
A private sex club called Secrets is no longer a secret. The city of Toledo is investigating whether a swingers club in south Toledo is in violation of zoning laws......
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Just by adopting open body language, oozing confidence - even if you're faking it - and having an optimistic attitude, you will send out positive subliminal messages. Then you can learn how to manipulate your way into (just about) anyone's heart. But the techniques don't just apply to romance - they can boost your "likeability" factor at work, with friends, during job interviews and at other important occasions. OK, let's get started.....
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New York Democrats back gay marriage
Leaders of New York's Democratic Party unanimously approved a resolution Monday supporting a bill allowing same-sex marriages in the state. "This legislation helps right a longtime wrong and simply provides same-sex couples with the same legal protections, rights, and responsibilities that heterosexual couples acquire when they marry," said Herman Farrell Jr., state party chairman and a state assemblyman from Manhattan......
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Hungarians get horny
Forget Latin lovers -- horny Hungarians are now the most active between the sheets, leading a charge of eastern Europeans in the global sex charts.....
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What Part of "Shall Not Be Infringed" Don't They Understand?
One of the most ancient debates among conservatives is whether liberals hate the Constitution, or simply don’t understand it. Some argue that the Left is far too blinded by their own ideology to comprehend the importance of the Constitution, and that they therefore lack the ability to interpret it honestly. I don’t think they deserve that much credit. There are a lot of words one could use to describe the American liberal, but “stupid” is not among them....
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Oz And US Gayest Countries
According to a report in the Herald Sun, more than 17% of Australians and Americans are involved in gay or lesbian relationships which make them equal first in the world for its proportion of homosexuals.....
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Suit targets domestic partners law
Calling it marriage by another name, a California senator filed suit Monday in Sacramento Superior Court against a new state law giving gay domestic partners vast new rights and responsibilities.....
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Defining marriage a tricky task
Our American image of marriage seems pretty straightforward. We think of one man and one woman in love, living together and raising a family. Simple, but definitely not the norm as we look at marriages in other cultures and times.....
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A MOTHER of two teenagers has ploughed her life savings into making a sex education video.
Penny Stokes found her attempts to teach her children about sex embarrassing - and then discovered there was no video which could do the job for her.....
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Poll finds support for civil unions of same-sex couples
A majority of Wisconsin residents opposes allowing same-sex marriages, although nearly half the population supports permitting civil unions of those of the same sex, a new poll indicates....
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Councils voice concern over new sex craze
Dogging, the internet-driven craze where people take part in sexual acts with strangers at isolated locations, has prompted local authorities to review security around parks and well known lovers lanes....
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‘Booty Camp’ for better sex
According to recent media reports, some psychologists estimate that 15 to 20 percent of married American couples have sex no more than 10 times a year, which is how the experts define a sexless marriage. ....
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Gay fraternities gain status, popularity
By the end of the year, 22-year-old Anthony Whitten hopes to persuade 20 men to join the University of Virginia's first gay fraternity, a group he wants to transform into one of the South's few nationally affiliated collegiate gay brotherhoods.....
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In Defense of Sluts
I've never denied being a slut. I've had my fair share of sexual partners, both in and out of relationships, and from the average person's perspective, I'm probably a trollop. Although most people think it's a put-down to say I put out, I embrace the label willingly and with enthusiasm. I encourage other easy riders to do the same. From Mary Magdalene to Pamela Anderson, sluts are mythologized, denigrated, and misunderstood by society, and I propose to debunk the label and its lies. I think it's time we put the stereotypes of sluthood to bed once and for all, reclaim the term, and redefine it....
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Dating in the '00s?
It's a virtual game of spin the bottle

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Davis Signs Domestic Partner Bill
Gov. Gray Davis has signed a domestic partner bill granting same-sex couples in California nearly all the same rights and responsibilities as married spouses.....
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Fantasizing about ‘foursomes’
When it comes to group sex, look before you leap
In this week’s Sexploration column, sex therapist Al Cooper, Ph.D., the clinical director of the San Jose Marital and Sexuality Centre, offers advice to a reader who fantasizes about having a sexual “foursome” with his fiancée and another couple.....
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The Bible as Hate Speech? Gays Win Big in Canada
Some Americans are about ready to dig a moral moat along the border. Our basically peaceful northern neighbor has experienced a huge personality change, and not for the better. Liberal Canada is turning itself into radical Sweden.....
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Gay rights group embraces Clark
"Wesley Clark has been an inspiring, effective leader and a voice of reason on the national scene for quite some time," says Matt Foreman, executive director of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force......
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Miss America’s queer eye makeover
BEHIND THE GLITTER and the gowns, there’s a side unseen by most — a huge following among gay men.....
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Young men more likely to sleep around
Men in their early twenties are twice as likely as women to have slept with more than one partner in the past year, according to a new sexual health survey.....
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Gay couple denied U.S. entry
A gay married couple said they were refused entry into the United States after a U.S. customs official at the Toronto airport wouldn't accept their customs clearance form as a family......
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L.A. City Council bans lap dancing
Dancers must stay 6 feet from customers under ordinance
The City Council has voted to ban lap dances and all other physical contact between entertainers and customers at strip clubs, bikini bars and adult bookstores.....
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Few People Do it, but Wife Swapping Agrees with Some
He would normally get together with several others in a hotel, people he got to know and "tested" through the Internet. But when one of the new arrivals turned out to be a reporter on a secret investigative mission, it took them by surprise. And the bigger shock came when police showed up to arrest them.......
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Time to permit gay, lesbian couples to marry the same as everyone else
While churches have the right to choose whom they will marry, government has a different responsibility. The role of government is to recognize and protect the rights of all citizens.......
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It Doesn't Matter What Women Want
When it comes to sex and dating all too often we are concerened what the other sex wants. Admit it, you don't really care what the other sex wants. You really care what you want.......
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Cops Shut Down Couple-Swapping Sex Club
A Berlin club featuring couple-swapping for the past eight months has been shut down by local authorities. Police said "Mingles," a swingers club, violated the town's ordinance on sexually oriented businesses. ......
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Assembly approves bill on gay rights
Companies that want to do business with California will have to offer the same employee benefits to domestic partners as they do to married couples under legislation approved by the slimmest of margins in the Assembly.......
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50 years later, Kinsey report on women still reverberates
The report, which revealed that a surprising number of women had premarital sex and extramarital affairs and engaged in sexual activities thought improper for women, caused a stir in the heartland and across the country......
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Bring on the Toys!
The point is, almost all of us masturbate, and sex toys are just a natural extension of this phenomenon. Explore them, master them, find out which ones you like and don’t like; there are toys out there for everyone. Now is the perfect time to come out and play, and you don’t have to ask for permission.....
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Church group protests 'Gay Day'
The Rev. W.N. Otwell, pastor of Heritage Baptist Church in Mount Enterprise, traveled with his group for more than 180 miles to protest the sale. Some carried signs that said "Repent or perish," and "AIDS is God's punishment."...
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New play features full male, female nudity
Barter Theatre's upcoming production of "Liquid Moon" hasn't even hit the stage, but it already is creating public debate because it features full-frontal male and female nudity......
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Lesbian wedding splits Presbyterian church
Sharon McLeod feels unwanted by the church that kicked out the minister who married her and her lesbian partner......
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Internet porn not for rapists.
In a study that asked convicted rapists the reasons behind their crimes, the respondents answered: "I was drunk," "I was horny," and "I didn't do it."
Not one said, "Porn made me do it."......
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Celebrating National Orgasm Month
To help celebrate and educate, Erotic University has set aside October 19th as a special fun day at our Los Angeles campus. October is the only month with a big O in it, making it the perfect month to celebrate orgasms. Orgasms are important to your good health, as you will learn by attending and by reading our report on the health benefits of orgasm........
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I'll Have What He's Having
Adventurous ladies looking for new ways to flirt, here's a suggestion from New York's Museum of Sex -- go to a restaurant, head for the bathroom, take off your panties and put them on your date's plate.......
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Dem senators, gay law professor rebuke marriage amendment
Five Democratic senators joined forces with a gay Republican law professor at a Senate hearing last week to dispute the need for a constitutional amendment prohibiting gay marriage........
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Lesbians Face Higher Heart Disease Risk
Lesbians could be at greater risk for heart disease than heterosexual women because they generally weigh more and tend to have more abdominal weight, says a University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) study........
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Cybersex blamed for half of divorces
Of the 500 divorce petitions surveyed, half contained allegations concerning cybersex, inappropriate online relationships and pornography.......
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Robotic relief for stressed couples
Indian scientists claim to have invented a new robot which has the ability to improve couple's sex lives......
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Judge Rules Against Giuliani Plan on Sex Shops
The city cannot change a zoning law to try to close a legal loophole that has allowed sex shops to stay in business, a Manhattan judge ruled yesterday.....
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Gay-marriage ban gets Catholic nod
Leaders of the nation's Roman Catholic bishops Wednesday gave "general support" to amending the U.S. Constitution in order to define marriage as a union of a man and woman. They also condemned legalized same-sex unions.....
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Gay Men Flouting Safe Sex in Search of Identity
Thousands of young gay British men are courting death in the hedonistic and newly promiscuous 21st century, flouting safe sex and actively trying to catch HIV in their search for identity, a researcher aid on Tuesday. .....
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No sex please, you're American
The Bush administration is pouring millions of dollars into programmes that persuade teenagers to hold on to their virginity.....
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Nudists argue unsuccessfully against law
Members of two nudist groups urged Chico officials Tuesday to scrap a proposed law restricting public nakedness, to no avail.
The city's Internal Affairs Committee voted 2-1 to recommend that the City Council draft an ordinance giving police more power to deal with complaints about public nudity.....
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Anti-gay campaign against TV show
The politically conservative Montana Family Coalition is planning a media campaign against the new television show "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy," claiming that the reality-based show featuring five gay men is trash and shouldn't be on TV.....
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Swinger appeals 1999 verdict
Jean-Paul Labaye, convicted in 1999 of running a common bawdy house where "indecent acts" took place, was in Quebec Court of Appeal yesterday seeking to have the ruling overturned. ....
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Sexual evolution
A fierce debate about whether jealousy, lust and sexual attraction are hardwired in the brain or are the products of culture and upbringing has recently been ignited by the growing influence of a school of psychology that sees the hidden hand of evolution in everyday life.....
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Gay Buying Power Grows To $485 Billion
The total buying power of the U.S. gay, lesbian and bisexual (GLB) adult population in 2003 has grown to $485 billion, up from $451 billion a year ago....
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Man sues neighbour over noisy sex
A Romanian man is suing his neighbour because he says she makes too much noise during sex.....
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Ladies who like it
Alone at home at the end of a hard day, a woman takes a moment from her endless responsibilities to savor a moment of peace and quiet.

And pops in a porn video.....
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Marriage is made in hell
American writer Laura Kipnis has provoked a storm in the US with a new book attacking marriage. Here, she explains why monogamy turns nice people into petty dictators and household tyrants....
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Nation's first gay public school opening
New York is making history and controversy – this year by turning the school into an official public high school. The newly renovated school will open Monday with 100 students as the nation's first public high school for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender youth.....
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Nude Volleyball tourny hosted in Beaver Falls.
As many as 1,700 spectators and participants were expected to gather this weekend as volleyball buffs play in the buff. .....
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Gay and Lesbian Mormons decry apostle's remarks
Members of Affirmation: Gay and Lesbian Mormons are embarrassed and saddened by recent statements by LDS Church Apostle Russell M. Ballard at Brigham Young University.
It is difficult to understand how LDS leaders today could be so invested in condemning and making illegal an alternative family model when early Mormon leaders were so persecuted and excluded for practicing another alternative family model......
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FDA approves new Seasonale birth-control pill
The government approved on Friday the first birth-control pill specially designed to reduce the frequency of women’s periods — from once a month to four times a year. Hence the name: Seasonale......
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When he wants it and she doesn’t
I am 42-years-old, have two children and have been married for 11 years. It is the first marriage for me, and my husband’s second marriage. He is 45. He seems to be obsessed by sex. At first it was flattering that he wanted me all the time, but now I am getting worried that we may have a real problem. He wants sex often, sometimes once a day, and when I try to put him off, he gets very angry. He has never hit me and is a good provider and father to the children. I don’t know what to do and worry it will get worse and then I might have to divorce him......
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Some say military's gay policy leaves no choice
Like an estimated 5 percent to 8 percent of military service members, Boyd had "served silently" through her junior year, keeping her homosexuality a secret to abide by the 10-year-old law called "Don't ask, don't tell."
But she said the policy -- which has dictated the discharge of nearly 10,000 service members in the past decade -- is a torturous double standard for people ingrained with a sense of honesty.....
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Brave souls bare all in the name of art
About 40 men and women, from the perky to the age-ravaged, went nude for a naked picture shoot organised by a national radio station.
Thousands of onlookers cheered and shrieked as the naked punters formed up to be photographed in the shape of a penis for National Penis Day......
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Ten women sue Brevard so they can bare breasts in public
Ten women sued Brevard County on Wednesday seeking to abolish laws that make it illegal for them to go topless in public places where men can.....
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Mention lesbians to any bloke and he'll be fantasising about girl-on-girl action before you know it. But when it comes to sexually satisfying a woman, lesbians and straight men have a lot in common. In Part Two of our Sex Tips guide, a gay woman tells men how to become the perfect lover....
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Lawmakers OK bill giving domestic partners rights
Scheduled to take effect on Jan. 1, 2005, the bill, would give domestic partners the ability to ask for child support and alimony, the right to health coverage under a partner's plan and the ability to make funeral arrangements for a partner.....
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Marriage Amendment is Needed to Preserve Civilization
President Bush is said to be “flirting” with the idea of supporting an amendment to the U.S. Constitution defining marriage as a union of one man and one woman....
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Brit Girls Go Gay
New data examining sexual practises in Britain has revealed that three times as many girls admit to having a lesbian experience in 2003 than owned up to gay sex ten years earlier....
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Who's gay? And why do we care?
Will somebody explain to me the current obsession over everyone else's sexual preference? Why should I really care -- unless it is illegal, of course?
Having known a few gay people, a lot of straight people and some people I really couldn't figure out, I've found that a person's heart and soul are more important than whom he or she chooses as a lover.....
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Woman arrested after removing her top at Oakland rally
A woman was arrested in front of the Oakland courthouse today when she took her top off at a raucous rally protesting the case against a Berkeley schoolteacher accused of engaging in prostitution........
Full Story Here

Berkeley teacher facing sex charges defends actions
A Berkeley High School teacher arrested in a prostitution sting says that her sex life should have nothing to do with her teaching career.......
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Dominatrix: I'll whip courts over sex rap
MICHELENE NELSON is a dark-haired, dagger-nailed dominatrix who pounds paying men into whimpering submission.
Next month, she hopes to make the court system whimper when she challenges her recent arrest on prostitution charges......
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California Approves Sweeping Domestic Partnership Bill
The California Senate approved groundbreaking legislation just before the holiday weekend that would give same-sex couples who register as domestic partners new rights and responsibilities similar to those enjoyed by married couples......
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Judge's ruling lets 18-year-olds dance nude
A state law raising the minimum age for nude dancers from 18 to 19 appears to violate the First Amendment right to free expression, a federal judge has ruled in barring enforcement of the law.......
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Inside, the look is very Martha Stewart: clean, a little pricey, very straightlaced. Couples start to chat about real estate, politics, and what private Manhattan schools their kids are attending. But just outside, an unrated flick called "Bad Wives 2" is projected on a wall, topless women are frolicking in the pool and two couples in the buff are making out in the hot tub. .......
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IN a former working men's pub, fiftysomethings Barry and Marie Calvert are preparing to stage an orgy.
To them it's a familar business routine. Since they transformed the venue into a swingers' club, thousands of adventurous visitors have met strangers here for wild, anonymous sex.......
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Posey Co. group protests anti-nudity law
Protestors say things like R-rated movies could be banned if they contain nudity. They're singled out in the text of the law, and it's a point the author of the ordinance doesn't deny........
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The New Sexy Student Body: Are You Squirming Yet?
While officials in the United States are trying to turn back the sexual education clock to the ignorance and intolerance of the 1950s, frustrated university students are taking to heart the examples of Tom Paine, Ben Franklin, and other journalists of liberty, freedom, and common sense.......
Full Story Here

Nude dancing law challenged
A federal judge on Wednesday barred enforcement of a Missouri law, set to take effect Thursday, that raises the minimum age of nude dancers from 18 to 19 years old.......
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Pussy Licker
It's no surprise to me that lots of women I've met rate receiving oral sex as their favorite sexual activity and the easiest way to make them come. Just as most men wouldn't turn down a blowjob, girls will happily accept some lip-to-lip service......
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Teacher allegedly discussed sexual orientation
''I felt like she was trying to get us to drop our beliefs to get us to believe what she believed. It made me really uncomfortable,'' said Hannah Brady, 14. ''She was telling us that we're not God, we can't judge people, and so we shouldn't be the ones to say, oh, same-sex marriage is wrong.''.....
Full Story Here

Gay TV making great strides in exactly the wrong direction
Welcome to the rise of the gay minstrel show.
The show I'm talking about, of course, is Bravo's Queer Eye for the Straight Guy (10 tonight on Bravo) -- this summer's you-can't-escape-it pop-culture phenomenon. In addition to scoring the cable network its highest ratings ever, it is also now appearing on even-more-highly-rated reruns on NBC.....
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Just a porn lawyer or free speech champion?
Ask people what they think about Nashville attorney John Herbison, and some will tell you he's no better than a pornography peddler, while others will call him a champion of free speech. He's been called a ''thorn in the city's side'' and the lawyer who keeps Nashville's porn king in business......
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Nude Yoga In Park Lands Woman In Jail
Salem police arrested the 22-year-old over the weekend after getting complaints that a naked woman was sunbathing and doing yoga in Minto-Brown Island Park.....
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