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LifeStyles News Updates

Underwear in Public Not Indecent, Court Says

Wearing underwear and nothing else in public does not constitute indecency, a Massachusetts court declared as it tossed out charges against six animal rights protesters. ......
Full Story Here

Is sex good for you?

Sex is excellent exercise, if nothing else. Using all of your muscle groups, it burns up to 300 calories an hour – about the same as running 15 minutes on a treadmill or playing a spirited game of squash......
Full Story Here

Who is getting more sex?

Single Britons are the most promiscuous in the world, an international survey of sexual attitudes says.
It found that 59% of Britons thought it normal for a thirtysomething to have had 10 or more lovers before getting married. In China the propor tion was 17%, in France 30%, in the US 49% and in Germany 52%. ......
Full Story Here

Boycott For Equality

This is a call for a nation-wide boycott in the traditions of Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King. We are asking all GLBT Americans and their Straight Allies to "drop out" of the United States economy for one day to demonstrate that we are vital and important members of our communities with significant economic presence. There are three elements to the boycott: No Work, No Purchases and No Cell Phones......
Full Story Here

Judge denies divorce: Adultery not enough

Says husband’s admission of affair is not sufficient to end 17-year marriage because wife resumed sexual relationship with him.....
Full Story Here

N.J. governor is outta closet, and job

In a stunning declaration, Gov. James E. McGreevey announced his resignation Thursday and acknowledged that he had an extramarital affair with another man......
Full Story Here

Calif. Court Voids S.F. Same-Sex Marriages

The California Supreme Court on Thursday voided the nearly 4,000 same-sex marriages sanctioned in San Francisco this year and ruled unanimously that the mayor overstepped his authority by issuing marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples......
Full Story Here

The Skinny on Nudism in the U.S.

People who do stuff in the buff say there are a lot of misconceptions in U.S. society about what they are doing and why.....
Full Story Here

Sex-toy business thriving

Despite a setback in federal court, the pursuit of happiness continues inside south Huntsville's Naughty and Spice.
"Actually, it's gotten busier," said store owner Pearl McIrvine on Thursday afternoon. "I think everybody is running in thinking they are going to shut us down.".....
Full Story Here

Beware the sexperts

It's not just teenagers who need sex education - adults do, too. Petra Boynton despairs of the new regiment of pundits who make a living out of talking dirty.....
Full Story Here

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